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Download SafeZone - your free UCLan safety app

03 Sep 2020

Hand holding mobile phone SafeZone

UCLan is now offering you an added layer of safety and help when you may need it the most, through a new system called SafeZone.

SafeZone is a free app and electronic system, giving you extra peace of mind when starting university or returning to campus. It can be used to anonymously flag urgent issues and is available to download now from the Apple or Google Play store.

It is in addition to the usual safety and security we provide and allows us to send mass text messages to students in an emergency. We have had this ability for a few months now, and we used it in March to tell you campus was closing just before the Government announced a lockdown.

The app provides many additional safety benefits, whether you’re working late, walking to your car at night, travelling at home or overseas, or have seen something that makes you feel uncomfortable. This year we are also encouraging you to use it to anonymously report any social distancing issues on campus, like parties or large groups gathering, so we can quickly attend and have a quiet word.

With the SafeZone app, you always control your visibility - you only share your location when you want to, and it can be turned on and off at any time. Even when you choose to share your location, only the security team will have access to it.

What is SafeZone used for?

Once you have the app you can do the following:

  • Call for help: this will come through to campus security wherever you are
  • Raise a first aid alert – which will go through to security, if on campus, who will summon a first aider, or to the emergency services if you are outside a campus zone
  • Raise an emergency alert – which will go through to security, if on campus, who will respond, or to the emergency services if you are outside a campus zone
  • Report an issue or something suspicious for the security team to investigate, including social distancing concerns
  • Set a ‘check in timer’ - for example ten minutes if that is how long it takes you to walk to a car park. The app will then prompt you to ‘check in’ after ten minutes, and if you don’t, it will raise the alarm with security
  • Receive a notification if there is an emergency incident anywhere in the world where we know our students are studying abroad or are on an arranged trip. Security can create a virtual ‘zone’ around that area, and push information and advice to people in that area who have the app
  • Show My Location – identify your exact location at the touch of a button - useful if calling emergency services or breakdown assistance
  • Get health and safety information and alerts relevant to your current location, whether here or overseas
  • Give feedback, make suggestions for enhancements in a SafeZone Forum


For other issues relating to Covid-19 (reporting sickness, questions about symptoms, risk assessments, visas, access to campus etc.) – please do not use SafeZone, but email our dedicated Coronavirus support team.

How does SafeZone work?

How to get and set up SafeZone

  1. Make sure we have your correct mobile number at MyUCLan so we can use SafeZone to contact you in an emergency or critical incident
  2. Download the app from the Apple or Google Play store
  3. Enter your UCLan email and create a password of your choice that is not the same as your UCLan password
  4. Please make sure you enter your mobile number ensuring it starts with “+44”, format leaving the “0” out.
  5. Add a profile picture. This will allow you to be more easily identified/located in an emergency via surveillance in the Security Control room.


Privacy and Data Protection

SafeZone does not track your location. Your location is only identified once you raise an alert or when you Check In. Having the app doesn’t mean we can see your location – but it does mean we can send you urgent alerts in the event of an emergency. You can then choose to be visible if you need to – for example if asking for help.

You are in control of what you share – you choose if and when to share your location, and no one except security will have access to it. All information shared will be treated in line with GDPR legislation. SafeZone is a trusted external provider for many universities, including Manchester Metropolitan, Keele, York, Ulster, Leicester, and Herriot-Watt.

Where can I find out more?

Look at our useful video guides above or read our Frequently Asked Questions. You can also visit the SafeZone website.