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Download the NHS COVID-19 app

24 Sep 2020

nhs covid 19 app

The eagerly awaited NHS COVID-19 app is now ready to download, bringing together a number of important functions to help you protect yourself and others. You can see the six key functions of the app in the introduction video. 

The app works via Bluetooth and will alert you if you have been near someone who has had tested positive for coronavirus. Your data will stay on your phone and will not be shared with third parties – you will simply be told contact has taken place, but not where, when or who with. You can then use the app to book a test, get your result, and keep track of how long you need to isolate for.

You can download the app from either the Apple or Google Play store now and find more information on the NHS Test and trace website.


Scanning into food service areas on campus

Another change announced by the Government last week is that food service venues are now legally required to have a contact tracing mechanism in place. This is so public health officials can target contact tracing if there is an outbreak.

This applies to all our seated food service venues, so you will shortly see QR code posters for you to scan and ‘check in’ using the app. You do not need to scan in if you are taking food away. You also do not need to scan into any buildings or rooms, as they are swipe-controlled so could be used for contact tracing if necessary.

As we will not have access to food venue ‘check in’ data from the app, we are also asking for you to scan your student ID card using the card readers at tills in food service points. This is so that in the event of an outbreak, we can quickly respond by closing and cleaning affected areas and supporting those people involved in the chain of transmission.Please do your bit to protect yourself and others and download the app today.