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Measles outbreak – ensure you’re vaccinated to stay safe

18 Jan 2018

vaccination with hypodermic needle

Due to several large outbreaks of measles in the North of England and reports of outbreaks in Europe, please ensure your MMR vaccinations are up to date. Measles is caused by a very infectious virus and can cause rashes, high fevers and can lead to very serious complications in adults.

Teenagers, young adults and anyone who has missed their MMR vaccination can get measles. The first signs of measles are fever, cough, runny nose and red sore eyes. After a few days, a spotty rash will appear. It starts on the face and neck before spreading to the rest of the body.
The MMR vaccine can be given to young adults who missed their injections when younger. Contact your GP practice if you need an MMR vaccine. The vaccine is free. If you are not sure if you need an MMR vaccine, contact your GP practice to ask.

If you think you have measles:
- Ring your GP practice for advice.
- Please don’t turn up to the surgery, walk in centre or to accident and emergency without calling ahead. The doctor will make special arrangements to see you so that you won’t pose a risk to others.
- Keep away from others to avoid spreading measles, and stay away from University or work for five days after the onset of a rash.

Important Information:

To keep our campus safe from an outbreak, it’s important that if you are suffering from measles you stay home for at least a week after the signs and symptoms appear and let us know immediately by contacting your CAS Hub. If you are living in Halls of Residence please also inform your Residence Officer or Halls Manager immediately.

For general advice and awareness on measles, you can find out more information here.