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Student News at UCLan

The Student Communications Team is dedicated to bringing you all the latest news and updates around campus. The University of Central Lancashire has a thriving student community - if you have any news items that should be included on the Student Support Hub then please contact via email ( or Twitter (@uclancampuslife)

Headline News

Oasis Faith and Spirituality Centre – your invitation

The Oasis centre welcomes all from the UCLan Community - find out about the range of wellbeing sessions and regular faith events on offer, so you can enjoy some time out in a relaxed and safe environment. 

20 Nov 2018

Travel and vaccination service available at UCLan Medical Centre

There can be health and safety risks associated with travel overseas and if you’re off on your travels – a study trip or a placement abroad - the University Medical Centre offers advice and a full travel vaccination programme.

05 Dec 2018

Are you protected against measles and meningitis?

Read the latest MMR and MenACWY vaccination advice

30 Aug 2018

Stay Safe Online - top tips

Top Tips for staying safe online, including information about scam emails, antivirus software, hacking and how to protect yourself

22 Aug 2018

Preparing for university study

Starting university soon? A lot of the advice given to new students is very practical, such as finding accommodation, managing finances, and how to enrol. This is a great start, but it is also important to be prepared for what you’ll be here to do - which is study.

17 Jul 2018

Measles outbreak – ensure you’re vaccinated to stay safe

Since the beginning of 2018 there have been over 400 confirmed cases of measles in England and recently two confirmed cases in Cumbria, please ensure your MMR vaccinations are up to date. Measles is caused by a very infectious virus and can cause rashes, high fevers and can lead to very serious complications in adults.

30 May 2018

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