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Our champion students put safety first

15 Oct 2020

Campus Safety Champion Kira Cauldwell

If you’ve been on campus recently you may have seen the University’s Campus Safety Champions who have volunteered to help protect you against the spread of coronavirus. 

So far more than 30 students from a variety of courses have signed up to the initiative and there’s still time for you to build confidence and leadership skills and get involved.

The Campus Safety Champions are all student volunteers. You will see them wearing a yellow high-vis vest and their role is to assist you, their fellow students, and staff to follow University guidelines around social distancing by reminding you about one-way systems, when to wear face masks, pointing out hand sanitisation points and offering directions when needed.

Second year psychology student Kira Cauldwell has already committed more than 50 hours over the last five weeks to working as a Campus Safety Champion.

She said: “It has been nothing but rewarding and I’ve enjoyed helping out in any way I can. Despite the current predicament we are all in, volunteering has given me a positive start to the new academic year because I feel like I’m making a difference by supporting other students.”

If you are interested in volunteering around your studies and would like to find out more about the role, please contact the Campus Safety Team at

Thank you to all the students who have volunteered so far and thank you for your support in following their advice and helping to keep yourself and others safe.