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Advice on renting private accommodation

26 Feb 2020

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If you are looking for private accommodation, we always recommend that you search for accommodation that is managed by a landlord who is registered with the UCLan accommodation service. 

While you’re studying at UCLan, we want you to live somewhere where you will feel safe and properties that are registered with the University mean they have been checked by accommodation staff. These properties must meet relevant safety standards to become registered, and landlords must prove they have an HMO licence where required, and safety certificates for gas and electricity.

Just recently, there was a fire in a property in Preston that was occupied by students. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. However, the accommodation, operated by Trophy Homes, was not a UCLan registered property, so had not been checked by UCLan accommodation service staff. The fire service and Preston City Council have now closed the building down and issued a Prohibition Order, which will remain in place until it is made safe.

The University works closely with registered landlords in Preston so that there is a good supply of different types of affordable, suitable and safe accommodation. The accommodation options available outnumber students so there is no need to panic and make any rushed decisions.

The student accommodation service is here for all students to offer advice, provide information and help with any queries you may have about renting private accommodation.

The vacancies for UCLan private registered properties are advertised on Studentpad The site is password protected so please email the student accommodation service with your UCLan student registration number and you will be issued with a password.

As a general note of caution, please ensure that when you are cooking, using a grill or a hob, you don’t leave it unattended and remember to turn off all appliances after use.

Additionally, we strongly recommend that you inform the University of your term-time address so that we know where you are living in the event of an emergency. You can register your address on myUCLan.