Visitors & External Membership

PLEASE NOTE that visitors (except Alumni) will not usually be able to access the library from April until early June. This is to allow maximum space for our students during the examination period. We will not be processing new SCONUL applications during this time. Visitors are allowed to use UCLan library (Preston Campus only), and to consult library collections subject to showing the appropriate forms of identification at the reception desk. The different types of visitor access and forms of identification are outlined below.

Visitors may not borrow material and can only use the computing facilities if they are officially registered to use the computer network. Use of the library is subject to university rules and regulations. Use of our services is for educational purposes only. We will record details of your name, address, phone number and university where applicable for the duration of your visit. Visitor entry into the library for all categories of visitor is available between 9:00 and 21:00, 7 days a week, however please note that during university term times there is no entry between 11:00 and 15:00 apart from SCONUL access and Alumni visitors.

National Health Service Trust

National Health Service Trust (Acute, Primary Care, Ambulance) members.

- NHS Trust ID badge bearing a photo

Open University Students & Staff

- OU Library card, OUSA (OU Students Union) card, letter from OU or tutor on Open University notepaper, registration form confirming enrolled – plus one other form of photographic ID (not required if library card bears photo)

Public Library Members

Public library members (adults only, not junior library members).

- Public library membership card plus one other form of current photographic ID and proof of date of birth.

Please note: access by this category of Library user is not available between the hours of 1100 hrs and 1500 hrs Monday to Friday inclusive.


Visitor/Reference Library access

Alumni members may access the Library free of charge as a visitor on production of your Alumni Association membership card accompanied by photographic ID. This will allow you entry to the Library and give you access to materials for reference use only.

UCLan graduates can get their free Alumni Association membership card from The <i> on the Ground floor of the Library during staffed hours or by emailing  

When you have your Alumni membership card, present this to The <i> on the Ground floor of the Library during staffed hours. You will also need to provide additional ID (e.g. passport or driving licence) and proof of address (e.g. bank statement or utility bill). You will be issued with a new Alumni Library Card.

This Alumni Library Card will entitle you to borrow 4 items from the Library. Please note: access to e-resources is not permitted with an Alumni account.

Please note: If you only require access to the UCLan Sport facilities then you can take the Alumni card issued by the Alumni Association and photographic ID to the Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre. Fees are payable and can be found on the price list web page.


HE Students & Staff

Higher Education (i.e. Universities & University Colleges, not 6th Form or Further Education Colleges) students and staff.

- Sconul - card plus current University library card bearing a photo. If the card does not have a photo, a second form of photographic ID is required.

- NoWAL - all staff and students from all member institutions are entitled to reference-only access via application to the Sconul system via their home institution.

Lancaster University and University of Cumbria Students

Reciprocal Access Agreement

The agreement allows any current student of the University of Central Lancashire, Lancaster University and the University of Cumbria to join either of the other two University Libraries with borrowing rights for just £20 per year.

If you are a student of Lancaster University or the University of Cumbria please download and complete the Registration form to join UCLan's Library and have access to borrow up to 4 items.

If you are a current UCLan Student, please visit the website of the University Library you wish to join for details on how you register and what access you will be eligible for.


If you wish to visit, but do not fit into any of the categories above, Contact the Library at least 2 working days in advance of your visit.

You will be asked for proof of identity when you arrive at the Library.

Please bring 2 forms of ID; one photographic and one with details of your current address.

Acceptable forms of photographic id include:
- Passport
- Driving licence photo-card
- Work id badge bearing a photo

Acceptable forms of id for your current address include:
- Recent bank statement
- Utility bill

You will be asked to sign in the Visitor’s book when you arrive.

Please contact the <i> on 01772 895000 for details of external membership.