The <i> Frequently Asked Questions

Change of Circumstances

- I want to change my course/module who do I ask?
You should contact Academic Registry.

EC’s and Extensions

- I want to have an extension on my work, how do I do this?
You can submit Extenuating Circumstances via MYUCLan. More information and instructions on how to submit an ECs application can be found on the Academic Registry webpages.

- I need an extension on my work?
You can request an extension via starfish and find more information on the Academic Registry webpages

Timetable Queries

- I am having issues with my Timetable. Who do I contact?
You should contact Academic Registry.

Course Contact Info

- I want to get in touch with my module or course leader how do I do that?
You can find contact details for all your academics on Starfish on the Network Tab. You can log onto your Starfish through Blackboard.

Examinations and Assessments

- I have a query about an upcoming exam/assessment, who do I contact?
You should contact Academic Registry.


- I am having issues with my placement, who can I speak to or how do I change it?
You should contact Academic Registry.


- I am not happy in my accommodation, what can I do about it?
- I am not comfortable with the people I am sharing a flat with, can I move?
- I cannot afford my rent, what should I do?

You will need to contact the Accommodation Service directly so they can help with any of the above queries. There is also more information on the Student accommodation webpages or you can email

The Students' Union Advice and representation centre are also able to help with many housing related issues, particularly relating to tenancy agreements and contracts, and conflict with your landlord.

Car Parking

- How do I apply for a car parking permit?
You will need to fill out the online form via the Car parking webpages. As parking permits are limited, please be sure to read all the information first and check you would be eligible for a permit before submitting an application.

- How do I collect my Permit?
If your application for a permit is approved you will be informed by email of how to pay (as applicable) and collect your parking permit.

Sustainable Travel Queries

- I want to buy a bike Lock from the <i>
Unfortunately, at present we are unable to sell bike locks from the <i>. We will update this page if anything changes.

- I want to apply for a Railcard.
Students aged 25 and under can apply online for a 16-25 railcard.
Students aged between 26 and 30 can apply online for a 26-30 railcard.

Students aged over 30 and studying on a full time course are eligible to apply for a 16-25 railcard but would be required to get part of their form completed by the <i> to confirm they are a full-time student. As we are currently unable to stamp a railcard form in person, please download and complete the application form and email it to the <i> and we will complete it electronically.

- I would like to ask advice about the best ways to travel to campus?
The Sustainable travel webpages details all the different ways you can travel to campus.

Letter Requests

- I need a Council Tax exemption certificate; how do I get one?
Most undergraduate students should be able to produce and download your own Council Tax exemption certificate via your myUCLan account.

If you are on an Undergraduate course which doesn’t always follow standard University term dates such as Nursing courses, or if you are on a post-graduate course, the self-service option may not work for you. Instead you should apply for a Council Tax Exemption certificate via The <i> Letter requests webpages.

- I need to prove to my bank I am a student; Can I have a bank letter?
You can request a bank letter via the Bank Letter form on The <i> Letter requests webpages.

- I need a letter to confirm I am a student.
You can request a Confirmation of Study Letter via The <i> Letter requests webpages.

Inclusive Support

- I need to disclose a disability to the university; how do I do that?
Please complete an electronic disability questionnaire and email it to the Inclusive Support team on More information about what happens next can be found on the Inclusive Support team webpages.

If you are unable to complete the questionnaire online please email the Inclusive Support team on  and they can assist further.

- I think I might have dyslexia, what do I need to do?
You can refer yourself through your Starfish account straight to Inclusive Support, or email them directly on

Exams and Awards

- I want to know when I will receive my certificate/transcript?
This will largely depend on when you were awarded. Information on when you can expect to receive your certificate and/or transcript can be found on the Awards office website. If you would like more information, please contact the team directly –

- How do I find out about my results?
You can review your results securely via your myUCLan online account.

- I am not happy with my results; how do I appeal?
Please take a look at the Academic registry website for more information on academic appeals including how to apply and what evidence may be required.

- My permanent address is outside of Europe, how will I receive my certificate?
You can complete the Overseas address form on the Awards office website to inform the University how you would like to receive your certificate. At present due to the Covid-19 Situation there is currently no option to collect your certificate on campus.

Please note that this form is not for students who have their permanent address registered in the UK or Europe as your certificate will automatically be posted out.

- I would like to request a copy of my transcript.
You will receive a transcript upon the successful completion of your course. In the meantime, you can view your module results via myUCLan.

- I am a former student and would like to request a replacement transcript?
Due to Covid 19, we will be unable to post out any replacement award documentation until further notice. In the meantime, please contact and they will do their best to assist where possible.

Finance – Student Financial Support

- I am experiencing a delay in receiving my student loan, what can I do?
Short-term loans can normally only be considered for full-time UK home students. More information on how we can assist with a short term loan and details on how to apply, please see the UCLan Financial Support webpages.

- I am experiencing financial hardship, is there any support offered by UCLan?
There are different types of support available with different qualifying criteria – please see the UCLan Financial Support webpages for more information.

If you require further assistance, please contact the <i> via email or 01772 895000.

- I am unsure how my benefits will be affected now I am a student?
Our Student Union Advice and Representation Centre can help with all benefit queries, the best method of contact is via email –

You can also contact an advisor through their online form.

- I have a query about my Student Finance Application
We would advise you speak to your Funding provider directly in the first instance to get a good level of knowledge about the issues you are facing. If you are then continuing to have problems, you can contact The <i> via email or telephone 895000.

- I need contact Student Finance England, do you have a phone available that’s free?
Since the library is currently closed, we do not have any free-phones available to call SFE.

Contact information for SFE can be found on the website.

- I would like the university to post my supporting evidence to SFE?
Unfortunately, due to Covid 19, we cannot post any students documentation. You will need to send your documents via your local post office. We would recommend in all instances to send your documentation via a recorded delivery service to ensure you have a way of tracing any documents sent.

- I am struggling financially and low on food, how can you help?
Please see UCLan Financial Support webpages for the different types of financial support, including our short term loan application for students who are facing financial hardship.

For more information please contact The <i> by email on or by phone on 01772 89 5000 during our normal opening hours.

International Student Support/Visa Guidance

- I would like to extend my student visa, I would like some help with this?
If you are a Tier 4 student, you will need to apply for a new CAS in order to extend your Visa.

Information on this and tow download the CAS request application forms can be found on the Student Immigration and Compliance team’s webpages.

If you have any in depth queries relating to your visa extension or need advice, please contact the Student Immigration and Compliance Team by email on

The <i> can also support International Students with visa extensions. You can email the team with your query via or telephone us on 01772 895000.

- I am an International Student and I need to enrol?
You need to enrol on your course before you can begin your studies and can now do this from your home country before travelling to the UK.

Information on how to complete course enrolment and to start the process, please see the Academic Registry’s enrolment webpages.

- I am travelling from overseas and arriving into Manchester Airport; how do I get to Preston?
All 3 of our UK campuses are easy to reach by public transport. Information can be found on our travel to the UK webpages. We also offer an airport transfer service for any NEW student arriving to start their new course over a 4 day period in September.

You will need to complete the online form to express your interest in this service. If you have any other queries please contact -

- I am due to collect my BRP from Preston Post Office, where is this?
Please find more information via on the Post Office website, also be aware that their opening times may differ due to Covid-19.

- I am an international student and want to work part time. I am unsure how many hours I am allowed to work?
Your BRP will state how many hours you can work in term time, please contact the <i> if you require any more information, email or telephone us on 01772 895000.

Study Abroad

- I am thinking of doing a sandwich year where I study abroad for a year, where can I find more information about this?
You can contact the study abroad team directly for specific queries or there's more information on the Study Abroad team website.

LIS Queries

- How do I reset my password?
A new Self-Service Password Reset facility is being provided to enable all UCLan users to reset their password in the event that it has been forgotten.

When you first register to use the service you will need to provide your UCLan Username and password to verify it’s you.

You will then be presented with a number of security questions. Please provide answers to at least three questions and make sure you can remember the exact answers you give (including spaces and upper / lower case characters).

- I am having issues logging into myUCLan?
Please contact LIS Customer Support via email or telephone - or 01772 895355.

- I want to add print credit to my account, how do I do this?
You can add credit to your printing account online via UCLan’s Printing Portal

When the library is open you can also print credit via the self-service machines. More information on printing at UCLan can be found on the Learning and Information Services webpages.

- I want to bind my dissertation; how do I do this?
Unfortunately there is nowhere on campus that is currently able to do dissertation binding.

Due to Covid-19, UCLan Print is currently closed until further notice. The UCLan Print website will be updated with any opening times as and when they are confirmed.

- I have a library fine, how do I pay it?
Information relating to any library fines can be found on your online library account. You can also make payments towards any outstanding fines via your account.

If you have any questions relating to your library account or any accrued fines please email in the first instance.

- I want to borrow a book; how do I do this?
Due to Covid-19, there are restrictions in place, please see UCLan Library webpages for more up to date information.

- I need a UCLan card, how do I get one?
You will need a digital passport style photo, your Student number and your Family name. Enter the details when requested and upload your image. Visit the photo upload page to continue.

At the present time, UCLan Cards are not being printed so you may not receive your card immediately.

- I require software for my course, how do I go about getting this?
Current UCLan students can receive some software free for home use by completing and returning an online form, the software will then be provided automatically via your UCLan email.

Please follow the instructions on the software webpage, if you need any further assistance please email

Student Record Information

- I need to enrol online.
Information on how to complete course enrolment and to start the process, please see the Academic Registry’s enrolment webpages.

- I am having issues enrolling online? Who do I contact?
Please contact detailing any problems you are getting, including screenshots if possible which shows any errors.

- I need to change my name with the university, how do I do this?
You can do this by emailing a scanned copy of an official document in your new name to our Registry Data Management Team – Official Documents can include Marriage Certificates, Divorce Degree, Deed poll certificate or an Affidavit.

Student Support and Wellbeing

- How can the university help with Health and Wellbeing issues?
The university has a Counselling, Mental Health and Wellbeing Service (CMHW). The CMHW team are a team of professional, highly experienced Counsellors, Mental Health Advisors and Wellbeing Advisors. The service is confidential, meaning information will not be shared with others without your consent.

To access support, please complete our online referral form. Alternatively if you want to speak to someone directly please contact them via or 01772 893020.

We would also recommend visiting the Wellbeing webpages as they have a lot of information about both internal and external services that you might find useful.

- How can I access a Student Support Drop-in Session?
Due to current circumstances surrounding Covid-19, face to face drop-in sessions are not available until further notice. However we can still look at providing support to you remotely via Teams, telephone or email. To access support please contact the CMHW team on 01772 893020 or contact the <i> on 01772 895000.

If you have an emergency that requires immediate assistance from UCLan, please contact UCLan Security on 01772 892068, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they will contact our out of hours Advisors or On Call Manager.


- I am wondering about what to do after university.
At UCLan Careers we offer a one stop service to help you progress to a successful future. Whatever stage of study you are at, or whatever your future aspirations are, we can help.

Book a careers appointment for help with application forms, CV’s, career planning, practice job interviews, mock interviews and application form checks. You can also contact the team via Telephone: 01772 895858 / Email: 

Other Queries

- How do I register for a GP?
At UCLan we have a medical centre on campus, you have to register before booking an appointment. Please find further information on registering with a GP can be found on the Student Support webpages.
Please note due to the Covid-19 pandemic, opening times, appointment availability and visiting rules and regulations may vary. Please check the website carefully for updates.

- How do I find out about Sports Clubs and Societies?
UCLan Students Union has a wide range of Sports Clubs and Specialist interest societies for all students to join and get involved with. Full details of all clubs and societies on offer and the events they hold can be found on the Students Union Website.

- How do I join the University gym?
All UCLan student receive a free Sports membership, however In the interests of the health and wellbeing of the UCLan community, Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre and UCLan Sports Arena will both be closed until further notice. This UCLan wide strategy is to help reduce the potential spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19).
We are continuing to monitor this situation carefully and updates can be found here. Or you can contact the team via email -


- I have been asked by UCLan to do my right to work check, how do I do this?
If you are going to be working for the university you will have been sent an email, please follow the instructions on the email. If you have further questions you can contact the HR team on -

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