Special Collections in the Library

The Special Collections of the University of Central Lancashire Library have been re-housed and the staff are working hard to make sure you can find and use individual items, and access groups of materials to support your research and learning.

Many of the resources are fragile or unique so special care needs to be taken that in granting access we do not compromise their security or condition.  To make as much available as early as possible we are phasing access to the various parts of the collection.  Your patience therefore is much appreciated.

If you would like to view materials from any of the Special Collections, or you would like to discuss how these resources can be used to help in your teaching and learning, please complete the Special Collections enquiry/appointment form and email as an attachment to facultylibrarians@uclan.ac.uk.  Please provide a full description of what you would like to use, what you want to use it for and when you would like to access it, and we will contact you.  Please note that due to staffing, and items located in other sites around campus, it may take a few days to process and facilitate your request.