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For more help and guidance please contact your Faculty Librarians: Julie Hitchen and Francesca Robinson


Search for books and ebooks on Library Search. It will tell you what we have in stock and where to find it.

Sometimes there may only be a chapter on a specific topic rather than a whole book. To find those, you will need to use one of our ebook databases which allow you to search through the whole text of a book. We have several ebook collections but a good place to start would be Ebook Central.


Journals and Articles

Journal Finder provides details of our print journals and e-journals collections. Library Search will find specific articles from journals so is a good place to start, as it searches across thousands of different journals and will uncover articles in places you may not think to look.

eResources and Databases

Recommended Resources for Philosophy

  • Religion and Philosophy Collection - a subject specific database for Philosophy.
  • PhilPapers - a comprehensive index and bibliography of philosophy maintained by the community of philosophers. This is also the largest open access archives containing over 2 million entries. You will be able to access all content from home, however on campus you can only access the archive.
If you want to search more widely for journal articles you can also try the databases below.  They are multidisciplinary but cover Philosophy with other subjects.

Journal Archives

 Our Journal Archive titles can be found on the Journal Finder, but you will need to use the archive to search for content across the whole collection.

  • British Periodicals - These trace the growth and development of the periodical press in Britain from its origins in the seventeenth century to the Victorian age and beyond.
  • Brill - A multi disciplinary archive of over 80 Journals published before 2000
  • Nineteenth Century UK Periodicals Online - Provides access to nearly 100 periodicals for the study of British life in the 19th century - from women, to sport, to children and humour.
  • Periodicals Archive Online Collection - 80 full text journals from 1891-2000, covering a variety of subject areas.

Other databases that may be of use can be found on the multi subject database page

Top Tip! Don't forget - should you find that we haven't got the full-text of an article that you would like to access (in print or electronic format) you can make a request through the Inter-Library Loan/Document Supply Service

Abstract & Indexing Databases

Should you want to undertake a more thorough search for research materials/literature try searching the following abstract and indexing databases. These contain a large number of references from a significant number of subject areas. You will need to choose your search terms carefully to be sure of retrieving the best results. Generally you will only find the abstract or executive summary of articles within these databases. Conference papers are also available too.

Top Tip! Look out for the ‘LinkSource’ icon or the UCLan logo in your search results lists within these databases as this tool will direct you to the full-text of the article if it's available within one of our subscribed services


Search theses to find out if other research has already been completed in your field.

  • EThOS - allows you to search over 250,000 theses records, freely download the full text of any UK thesis that has been digitised, and order for downloading any thesis from one of the participating institutions. It is managed by the British Library. It is restricted to phD theses only. 
  • Index to Theses - Is a listing of theses accepted for higher degrees by the Universities of Great Britain and Ireland

Conference Proceedings.

  • Zetoc - provides access to the British Library's Electronic Table of Contents of current journals and conference proceedings.

P-E-P Archive (Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing).

  • P-E-P Archive is a digital archive of many of the major works of psychoanalysis. It includes the complete works of Sigmund Freud, an archive of works from twenty psychoanalytic journals (1920-2003), and complete versions of other, classic texts such as John Bowlby’s Attachment and Loss.

Additional Resources

  • Alexander Street Video - Videos, films, documentaries and training materials in history, politics and culture related areas. 

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