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Subject Librarians

The Subject Librarians work with your School to ensure you have access to all the library resources you will need for your research and practice. See their Library Resource Guides which provide links to the most useful resources for your studies.

School Librarian
 Art and Media Julie Hitchen
 Business Fran Robinson
Criminology Fran Robinson
 Community, Health and Midwifery
Megan Benson
 Dentistry Louise Smith
 Engineering Bob Frost
 Forensics Bob Frost
 Health Sciences
Jane Bruney
 Humanities and Social Sciences
Francesca Robinson
 Journalism, Media and Performance Julie Hitchen
 Language and Global Studies
Andrea Evans
01772 892268
Julie Hitchen
01772 892302
 Management Fran Robinson
 Medicine Louise Smith
 Nursing Megan Benson
 Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences
Louise Smith
 Physical Science and Computing
Bob Frost
 Psychology Megan Benson
 Social Work, Care and The Community Jane Bruney            
 Sport and Health Sciences
Jane Bruney