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To research the law it is useful to know how legal information is structured. There are different types of legal information:

Primary Sources -

Authoritative statements of law made by law-making bodies:

  • Parliament
    - Primary Legislation – Acts of Parliament
    - Secondary (delegated or subordinate) Legislation – Statutory instruments, bylaws, codes of practice
  • Case law from Courts– significant cases are published in law reports and comprise a body of case law

Secondary Sources

  • Commentary – interpretation and analysis of the law that is contained in the primary sources
    - Textbooks, monographs, handbooks, journals, encyclopaedias
  • Finding Tools – help to locate sources of primary and secondary legal information
    - Abstracting & indexing databases, current awareness services, citators, abbreviation dictionaries

When researching legal subjects the secondary sources place the primary sources in context. Expert commentary will lead you to relevant legislation and case law.

eResources and Databases

Recommended Resources for Law

Use our databases to find articles, law reports or information on a particular subject:

For other E-Databases A-Z from our E-Resources page

Use the Inter-Library Loan/Document Supply Service for items outside of our subscriptions.


Legislation can be found in print and online:

Westlaw and Lexis are legal databases, choose the legislation tab to search

Library Search will find printed legislation, locations in the Library. lists legislation as enacted and is freely available online, without annotation or expert commentary.

Legal Abbreviations

Cardiff index to Legal Abbreviations for looking up standard abbreviations for law reports and legal journals
Library Search for 'Raistrick, D. (2008) Index to Legal Citations and Abbreviations' to find printed version of abbreviations.

Useful Web Pages

List of government legislation and official organisations.

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