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Jeremiah Horrocks Observatory Archive

Jeremiah Horrocks Observatory archive

A part of the University of Central Lancashire archive the collection consists of records and papers from the Jeremiah Horrocks Observatory on Moor Park in Preston.  The collection includes papers, notes and sketches by George James Gibbs as well as photographs of the observatory and its staff from the 1920s and 30s and metereological data.

The archives were curated by George James Gibbs who designed and curated the Jeremiah Horrocks Observatory as a replacement to the Preston Municipal Observatory at Deepdale.  A keen educator and public lecturer of scientific topics, under Gibbs the observatories made the study of the heavens available and accessible to the people of  Preston.  Thousands of local people came to witness the opening of the Jeremiah Horrocks Observatory on 29th June 1927 and witness the coincidental total eclipse of the sun from Moor Park.

See Rory Macdonald's work for more information