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IEEE Xplore provides full-text access to some of the world's highest quality technical literature in engineering and technology.

Our subscription includes access to the abstract records and full-text journal articles, transactions, conference proceedings and magazines published since 1988.


Plus access to:

The Wiley eBooks library (1974-2020)  and the MIT Press eBooks Library (2013-2016) are also cross-searchable on IEEE Xplore Digital Library.      

For a full list of what is covered, click on 'What can I access' tab on the homepage.                           


- Staff and Students
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Supporting information

User Guides and self-paced tutorials are available to help you become familiar with using IEEE Xplore.

A mobile version of IEEE Xplore Digital Library is also available for users of mobile devices.

Interactive HTML Articles Now Available in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library
The new HTML format allows users to better utilise elements such as figures, equations and multimedia files; quickly scan article contents via a new "Quick Preview" feature; easily navigate through article sections; and see related articles. 

Further eResources

To find more eResources related to your subject area have a look at our Library Resources for your Subject page.

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