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Dissertation Printing Service

All final year UCLan students, where required to submit a printed dissertation are entitled to two free printed and soft bound dissertations with UCLan Print. Alternatively, if you are printing the dissertation yourself you will be entitled to two free soft binds with UCLan Print or the <i> Service Desk. This free entitlement is for final submission purposes only.

Any exceptions to this rule will require an email confirmation with budget code to from your School/Course/Department. These exceptions include:

  • Any additional copies to the standard two free entitlement
  • Any resubmitted/amended dissertations
  • Any hardback binding
  • Any non-standard dissertation final project requests

We ask you submit your dissertation in PDF format to You can create a PDF from Word by selecting File > save as Adobe PDF. Please check your dissertation is correct after saving.

If your dissertation is too large to email please use the WeTransfer website available at

Your dissertation will be ready to collect from 9am, 1 week from receipt of your document. Any weekend submissions will be available from 9am, 1 week from the next working day.

You will receive email confirmation upon your dissertation’s receipt and completion. You can collect your dissertation from UCLan Print in the Library Building - we will ask for your student card for identification. If somebody wishes to collect on your behalf, we will require email confirmation from yourself.

If your deadline does not permit use of the free printed dissertation service timescale, we recommend printing your dissertation yourselves on the Library Student Printers (5p per Black & White / 20p per colour page). You can then visit either UCLan Print or The <i> Service Desk for your two free bind entitlement. Binding should take no longer than an hour. Please consider the time required to print your dissertation. Please note we do not open at weekends.

We charge 25p per page for printed paid copies although during busy periods we do not offer this service. If you require additional copies we recommend using the student printers in the Library for printing of your own dissertations. You can then visit either UCLan Print or The <i> Service Desk for binding. UCLan dissertation-standard soft back binding is £5.

How to set up your Dissertation/Thesis

These are guidelines only. Check with your School/Course/Department if you are unsure.
1. On single-sided A4 paper.
2. Normally with a 12 point font.
3. 1.5 line spacing.
4. With a margin of at least 3.5 cm on the left side of the page for both text and diagrams to allow for binding.
5. With other margins of at least 2.5 cm.

Types of Binding

UCLan Print Offers Two Kinds of Binding for Dissertations/Thesis Soft Back and Hard Back - Please note you are not entitled to a free hard back bind unless otherwise stated by your School/Course/Department.

Soft Back/Tape/Fabric Binding 

This is our standard University dissertation/thesis bind. The process glues a fabric strip to the side of the document binding it together like a book. The dissertation bind has a deep red spine to reflect the UCLan branding. The maximum number of pages for this type of bind is approximately 360 pages on 80gsm paper or 325 pages on 100gsm paper. If your dissertation/thesis is too large for this binding process, we recommend breaking up your document at a suitable point and having two binds. A popular solution is to have your appendix as a separate bind.

Soft Back Dissertation Covers

The rear cover is white card, the front cover is a frosted see through cover that allows the reader to view the title on your first page. At the base of the front cover is a Golden UCLan logo. We recommend leaving at least a 7cm gap at the bottom of your title page to allow for clear viewing of this UCLan logo. We also advise not having any other versions of the logo on your front cover. Instead, we recommend your cover carry the following information centred at the top of the document:

Your dissertation/thesis title
Your school
Your course
Your name
The year


Hard Back Binding

This system prints gold lettering onto a hardback cover. We have covers in black or burgundy. The maximum page amount for this bind is approximately 280 pages on 80gsm paper or 250 pages on 100gsm. To use this service you must fill in the hardback binding cover form -  once complete send the form to

Please note that this process may take up to 5 working days. You are not entitled to a free copy of this binding system unless stated by your School/Course/Department.

Cover Sheets

(NOT to be confused with binding covers)
These are provided by your School/Course/Department Office and carry information relevant to your School/Course etc.
We recommend you have this loosely inserted into your bind after the first page unless otherwise instructed by your School/Course/Department.