This is UCLan's Dance library page.

For more help and guidance please contact your Faculty Librarians: Julie Hitchen and Francesca Robinson


Search for books and ebooks on Library Search. It will tell you what we have in stock and where to find it.

Sometimes there may only be a chapter on a specific topic rather than a whole book. To find those, you will need to use one of our ebook databases which allow you to search through the whole text of a book. We have several ebook collections but a good place to start would be Ebook Central.

You may also want to check out the Oxford Handbook of Dance and Wellbeing.

Journals and Articles

Journal Finder provides details of our print journals and e-journals collections. Library Search will find specific articles from journals so is a good place to start, as it searches across thousands of different journals and will uncover articles in places you may not think to look.

Other sources of journal articles

Resources for Education

If you are researching the educational applications of Dance or other Performing arts, these databases will help to focus your search.

Our Electronic Resources section provides details of all our online resources and includes an E-Databases A-Z list.

Additional Resources


  • Nexis
    The full-text of current newspapers, both tabloids and broadsheets. Text only.
  • Artemis Primary Sources
    A full-text archive of The Times, Daily Mail, Picture Post, Illustrated London News right back to their first issues. Includes images.

Television, Film, Images and Sound

  • 78rpm Records Digitised by George Blood
    This is a collection of over 40,000 78rpm records which have been digitised and made available on this site. No username or password is required for this site
  • Alexander Street Video
    Videos, films, documentaries and training materials in dance and health-related areas
  • Anatomy.TV
    Anatomy TV features 3D computer graphic models of human anatomy
  • Box of Broadcasts
    An online off-air TV and radio viewing and recording service. Catch up on TV and radio programmes and find those relevant to your subject.
  • Kanopy
    Watch documentaries covering many subject areas including design, anthropology, education, visual arts, literature and many more. Kanopy also includes a host of independent films to view.
  • Laban Webinar Series
    please note that the required username/password can be obtained from your tutor.
  • TinEye Labs Multicolour Engine
    A search engine which finds images by colour.
  • Unsplash
    A collection of copyright free images which can be downloaded and saved.
  • WGSN
    A fashion and interiors trend forecasting service and a great source of all kinds of images.
  • Music Online: American Music
    Traditional music from America's past. Music can't be downloaded but you can send links to yourself.

Julie Hitchen

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Francesca Robinson

Assistant Faculty Librarian for Culture and the Creative Industries
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