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Computers, Photocopiers, Printers, Scanners


There is a new way to print on PCs and Apple Macs. See the Printing guides on the FAQ page.

There are around 700 computers, including Apple Macs, in the Library and you can also find these facilities in buildings at UCLan. Look at our Guide to Study Spaces on Campus to find other study spaces around the UCLan Campus.

You can login to create and save files to the UCLan Network - e.g. assignments, access your UCLan email account, print to networked printers on campus and access over 300 industry standard software applications. Along with many Electronic resources visit Accessing the University network for further info. You can also borrow laptops from the Ground Floor of the Library during staffed hours.

There is also wireless service available on campus that all staff and students can use.

Within the Library you can also find the UCLan Print service, this is for specialist printing. They offer many other services such as binding and laminating. Visit the UCLan Print page for full details of what services are available.

 Please Note: You should always be working within the laws of copyright when using UCLan's facilities. As long as what you are copying, printing or scanning is for educational purposes you are within the copyright agreement. It is your responsibility outside of this to ensure you have the right to copy or create a digital or paper copy of any documentation, for personal use or distribution. See the following for full details HE-Copyright-Notice.pdf

PCs available in the Library

Floor Room/Area Number
Ground Floor Open Access 120
First Floor LIB106 106
First Floor LIB108 30
Third Floor Open Access 195

Macs available in the Library

Floor Room/Area Number
First Floor Mac Suite 31
Third Floor Open Access 16

Please Note: There are Windows Laptops and Macbooks available for loan on the Ground Floor of the Library.

Visit the Software page to see the full range of software available for you to use on the UCLan Network. This includes software on PCs and Macs.

You may also want to have a look at the Study Spaces page to see where is available for you to study when in the Library


There are A4 and A3 scanners connected to PCs and Macs on the Third Floor of the Library. You can find scanning guides on the Third Floor in the Library or on our Guides and Forms page.


There are Photocopiers on the Ground ,1st and 2nd floor of the Library. You can find photocopying guides on the Third Floor Service in the Library or on our Guides and Forms page.

Adding printer credit

You can use the Money Loader machines on the Ground or Third floor

  • Swipe your UCLan Card at the money loader machines (you may need to register your UCLan Card on the machine)
  • You can add credit by card, coin or notes on the Ground Floor or coins and notes on the Third Floor (one machine takes coins only and one takes coins and notes (no change given)
  • At The <i> service point on the Ground Floor of the Library cash, credit and debit cards or Advantage points 

PLEASE NOTE: Print credit can only be used for printing and photocopying services, but cannot be used at UCLan Print. Remaining credit on student accounts can only be withdrawn during the final month of the last year of study.

Printing Costs

Black & White
(Single sided)
(Single sided)
A4 - 5 pence per sheet A4 - 20 pence per sheet
A3 - 10 pence per sheet A3 - 40 pence per sheet
Black & White
(Double sided)
(Double sided)
A4 - 9 pence per sheet A4 - 34 pence per sheet
A3 - 17 pence per sheet A3 - 68 pence per sheet

Printing on PCs

  • Login to a UCLan Networked PC
  • Select All Programs>Connect to Network Printers
  • Select the Student folder
  • Locate folder for the building that you are in e.g. Library (Preston)
  • Select the printer that you want to use. This will be set as your default printer

Printing on Macs

  • Login to the Mac, select the Apple button, select System Preferences, select Print & Scan, select the plus icon
  • Enter the building code into the search box e.g. Lib for Library. See the campus map for other codes


  • In the Use section select Select Printer Software, select the printer model either HP 9050, Konica C280 or Konica C452, select OK,
  • Select Add
  • Close Print & Scan window

Printing your work

  • Send the file that you want to print to the printer you have installed
  • Go to the printer release station for the printer you have installed
  • Select your username from the list
  • Enter your UCLan network password. Tip - check that CAPS lock isn't on otherwise you won't be able to login
  • Select the item that you want to print
  • Select Print

Your work will then be printed and will include a header sheet. Please note: you are not charged for the header sheet

There are printing guides available on the Third Floor in the Library and on our Guides and Forms page.