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Remote Access (Citrix)

Do I need to install any software to use Remote Access?

If you have Windows 7, Vista or XP this new service has automatic client detection and download. The Citrix software determines if you are using the most compatible version of the software.

If you are having trouble accessing applications in Remote Access, please follow the relevant Citrix Receiver guide below:

If you are having trouble accessing the applications in Remote Access on the web (, please follow the guide below:



How to Login?

You can login to Remote Access with your UCLan username and password.

Go straight to remote access

What services you can access

The following services are available on Remote Access:

  • Connect2 - Booking system for Specialist Lab Equipment, such as editing or recording studios
  • Daily and weekly timetables - Access to your daily and weekly timetables
  • eLearn (Blackboard) - Used to access your course materials and services such as turnitin
  • My Files - This gives access to your files saved on the UCLan Network
  • MyUCLan - Student services software, login here to enrol, update personal information and access grades

Go straight to remote access

What applications you can access

The following software is available on Remote Access:

  • Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Allows you to open, save and read PDF files
  • Fast Folders 2 - Used by students to upload non standard files that cannot be uploaded via turnitin
  • Internet Explorer 9 - This is an internet browser you can use this to browse the intranet as if you were on campus, certain electronic resources require you to do this if we only have a subscription for on campus use
  • Microsoft Office 2013 Applications - Applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and SharePoint
  • Microsoft Word 2010 Reference Manager - Microsoft Word with Reference Manager installed
  • Minitab - Statistical analysis software
  • Reference Manager 12 - Application is used to build a list of references
  • SPSS V22- Statistical analysis software
  • Visual Studio 2010 - Application creation suite


Printing and using Screen reader with Remote Access


You should be able to print to the default printer attached to the computer you are using. Please make sure that the printer is switched on before you login to Remote Access.

Using Remote Access (Citrix) with a screen reader

You can use Remote Access with the Window Eyes screen reader.

Please contact LIS Customer Support if you need any assistance with this.

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