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Access to Inclusive Learning Technology Apps

Access to the full version of the core Inclusive Learning Technology apps, MindView, Audio Notetaker and Read&Write Gold, together with Medincle Spellchecker and Magic is currently restricted to the UCLan Campus only (Preston, Westlakes and Burnley). Should you find that it is necessary to make use of mind mapping, text to speech (read back of text on screen), proofreading or magnification software off Campus to support your academic studies, then please look at our new AppStore for compatible freeware. For disability related difficulties please email Inclusive Support:

Student Fact Sheets:

Check out these fact sheets for information on the key learning technology applications:

Inclusive Technology Apps:

MindView v7

Mind mapping software for brainstorming, organising and presenting ideas. Maps can then be exported to Microsoft documents such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Maps can be generated from templates, ideas organised and linked with text, images and hyperlinks and shared with other users.

Audio Notetaker v5.3

An interactive note taking tool to capture full recordings of lectures and meetings, displaying slides alongside text notes, references and visible, colour highlighted audio recordings. Audio recordings can be colour highlighted when listening during taught sessions to identify relevant detail. PowerPoint slides, screen grabs, images of notes handwritten by lecturers and PDF docs can also be imported to annotate recordings. Text notes are linked to the specific audio bars generated when the notes were typed or edited.

The Sonocent companion Link App for Android and iOS mobile devices (phones and tablets) available to students enables flexible note taking off and on campus.

Read & Write Gold v12

A toolbar to help with reading, proofreading, writing, study skills and encourage independent learning. This text to speech application can read aloud the on-screen text from many Windows apps.

Windows Read Aloud

The Read Aloud button within Microsoft Word is a new version of Speak and available in most recent Word 2016 releases (Office 365 on the university network)

Medincle Spellchecker

A spellchecker for those studying medical, dentistry, nursing and healthcare courses. This software installs into word processors (PC and Mac) and web browsers and removes the red lines of correctly spelt medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare terminology and leaves actual errors highlighted.

MAGic (with speech) v14

Screen magnification software for low vision users that enlarges sections of the screen, up to 60 times its actual size, reads aloud on-screen texts using their synthesised speech and changes the colour and contrast of the screen.


Free Anti-Virus Software 

Please ensure that your computer is protected with anti-virus software. Proprietary versions are MS Windows Defender and Apple macOS (available for PC and Mac respectively). Other software available for download include:


Please note: Contact LIS customer support for any queries regarding Citrix and access to the inclusive Learning Technology Apps:
LIS Customer Support Tel: +44 (0)1772 895355 Email: LIS Customer Support
LIS Self Service Portal: Service Desk
LIS Customer Support will never ask you for your password at any time for any reason and you should never give out this information to anyone.

Come along to one of our Inclusive Technology apps workshops or drop in sessions for students and staff.

External Assistive Technology (AT) Scholarships

This AT Scholarship, supported by external companies who provide Global AutoCorrect (LexAble), Read&Write (Texthelp), MindView (MatchWare) and Audio Notetaker (Sonocent), together with their training partners, provide an opportunity to get the latest learning (assistive) technology for free. In addition, those with scholarships receive training and support.

Anyone in the world can apply and there are 20 scholarships available annually. If you have difficulty with your reading, spelling, writing and/or notetaking but are not eligible or do not qualify for Disability Students’ Allowances (DSA) or Access to Work you can find further details and application terms and conditions at