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Remote Access to Learning Technology Applications

Access to certain learning technology applications (see below) is currently restricted to the UCLan Campus only (Preston, Westlakes and Burnley). Should you find that it is necessary to access any of these applications off Campus, to support your academic studies, then please email Inclusive Support at

UCLan's Appstore

UCLan’s Appstore includes various apps to help with your learning and research, for example:

Audacity – Audio recording software that can help with notetaking
Grammarly – an automated proofreading app
MS Windows Magnifier – screen magnification
MW Windows Narrator –reads texts on the PC screen aloud
Non Visual Desktop Access (NVDA) – screen reading software for blind and visually impaired people
Screen Shades – Allows user to tint and darken the screen for those who find screens too bright or those with Irlen Syndrome
Zotero – saves reference information into the required format

Find out about all the assistive technology support we offer for students and staff:

Student Fact Sheets:

Check out these fact sheets for information on the key learning technology applications:

Available for Remote Access:

Read&Write Gold v11 - Toolbar to help with reading, writing and study skills
This text to speech application can read aloud the on-screen text from virtually any kind of source including MS Word files, email, accessible and inaccessible PDFs, web browsers and Google docs to help you read, write and express yourself confidently and encourage independent learning.

Features include:

  • Easy to navigate toolbar
  • Scanning from paper, files and PDFs using OCR
  • Homophones (sounds like and confusable words) are highlighted and defined, speaking spellchecker and dictionary/thesaurus, with definitions for any word, to support proofreading
  • Word prediction to suggest words as you type in grammatical context
  • On screen or typed text can be tinted or colour highlighted
  • Selected text can be saved as an audio (MP3) file for revision
  • Factfinder can aid research and create bibliographies

Free trial version:
Training materials and feature videos:
Overview YouTube video tutorial:

Not currently available for Remote Access:

Trial versions and additional information on the following inclusive learning technology applications (Windows and Apple Mac versions) can be found at the following webpages:

Audio Notetaker v5.1 - Capture full recordings of classes and meetings, and work with that audio

An interactive note taking tool displaying slides alongside text notes, references and visible, coloured audio recordings, with emphasis on listening rather than writing. Audio recordings can then be colour highlighted when listening during taught sessions to identify relevant detail, helping to improve retention.

PowerPoint slides can be imported in advance of taught sessions. Screen grabs, images of notes handwritten by lecturers and PDF docs can also be imported to annotate recordings. Text notes are linked to the specific audio bars generated when the notes were typed or edited. Additional dictated notes, audio files and reference material can be added later.

Free trial version: 
Applications to study:

MindView v7 - Mind mapping software for brainstorming, organising and presenting ideas

A mind or concept mapping application that is a visual learning tool to capture ideas:

  • Brainstorming and enhance creativity
  • Clarify thought processes, focus on your knowledge to structure your map
  • Develop, organise and present ideas in a logical format
  • Use the text editor to associate text and research information
  • Capture information from online sources
  • Cite and reference your work within MindView
  • Export to Word, PowerPoint, or Excel etc. as a linear structure
  • Access to templates, wizards and clipart
  • Generate timelines/project plans to develop time management skills

Free trial version:
Video tutorials:
YouTube tutorials:

Magic – Magnification, colour contrast and screen reading texts

Magic screen magnification enlarges section of the screen, reads aloud on-screen texts using synthesised speech and changes the colour and contrast of the screen.
Note: This software is to be replace with Zoomtext Integrated Magnifier/Reader - enlarges and enhances everything on the screen and automatically reads documents, web pages and emails.

External Assistive Technology (AT) Scholarships

This AT Scholarship, supported by external companies who provide Global AutoCorrect (LexAble), Read&Write (Texthelp), MindView (MatchWare) and Audio Notetaker (Sonocent), together with their training partners, provide an opportunity to get learning (assistive) technology for free. In addition, those with scholarships have access to tutorials, videos and personal train in the software from the training partners.

Anyone in the world can apply and there are 40 scholarships available in 2018. If you have difficulty with your reading, spelling, writing and/or notetaking but are not eligible or do not qualify for Disability Students’ Allowances (DSA) or Access to Work you can find further details and application terms and conditions at