Read&Write Gold v12

Toolbar to help with reading comprehension, writing and study skills

What does Read&Write Gold do?

The text to speech application Read&Write can read aloud the on-screen text from virtually all mainstream Windows applications including MS Office 365 and MS Word files, PDFs, email, Google Docs and web browsers (Chrome, Edge and Internet Explorer). This application will help you read, write and express yourself confidently and encourage independent learning. This software supports literacy difficulties including reading, comprehension, drafting/writing and spelling.

Read&Write Gold:

  • Toolbar – Easy to navigate and customise what icons appear on the toolbar and how they appear, including colour preference.
    o There is a Settings menu to set up preferences for each icon.
    o There is a Help menu to access Texthelp’s support site.
  • Text to speech (Play) – Read text aloud from Word docs, the web and more with various voices that can be customised.
    o Conversion of selected texts to MP3 audio files using Audio Maker for review or revision ‘on the go’.
    o PDF Reader to read back PDF files.
  • Drafting/Writing – Prediction provides word suggestions (in grammatical context) to support the development of writing skills.
    o Vocabulary lists to search for selected words online and build lists in Microsoft Word docs.
    o Add Voice Notes of personal comments within text documents.
  • Proofreading – Use of Check It to correct spelling, grammar, similar words (homophones) and confusable word errors, all underlined in purple.
    o Dictionaries to provide definitions and images to improve comprehension and writing skills. Definitions can be read aloud.
  • Accessibility – Highlight and colour code words, phrases or blocks of text to extract relevant research information, with bibliography, to facilitate summarising, categorising and higher order skills. Collect Highlights into new Microsoft Word docs and adjust collection and bibliography settings in the Settings menu.
    o Screenshot Reader to convert inaccessible text to accessible text through OCR.
    o Scan a paper document to convert to an accessible PDF or Microsoft Word format or OCR an existing PDF doc to make is accessible.
    o Translate single words or larger sections of text into multiple languages using the Translator.
    o Talk&Type converts spoken word into text by dictation through a microphone.
    o Select masking and tinting options from Screen Masking to improve focus. Customise colour, opacity, guidelines etc. Use the floating panel to rapidly access settings or turn off.


Note: Images and descriptions of the software are courtesy of © 2019 TextHelp Systems Inc.

How does Read&Write Gold help?

Text to Speech:

• Improves reading comprehension by hearing text from research-based web pages and documents read aloud with a choice of natural voices to help focus on content and not the mechanics of reading.
• Help students understand unfamiliar words with text and picture dictionaries.
• Audio Maker converts documents and web pages into MP3 audio files to listen to and revise on the go.
• PDF Aloud to read back PDF documents online to help manage time spent on researching course material.
• Highlight text read back to assist in brainstorming and background research on selected information.
• Extract (Collect Highlights) highlighted information from documentation to summarise content.


• Improves accuracy of written work with spelling, grammar and verb checkers.
• Develops writing skills and confidence using Prediction and confusable words checker.
• Improve professional writing and proofreading skills, using appropriate language and ability to express thoughts clearly to fellow students.
• Helps construct error free sentences.
• Talking Dictionary provides and reads aloud concise definitions on words to assist understanding and word recognition.
• Prediction can help write with appropriate words and grammar and complete sentences using the word suggestions as you type.
• Voice Note will record your short verbal comments/revision notes as audio files within any MS Word document.
• Vocabulary List can be highlight words in MS Word, collected and inserted into new MS Word document(s) to generate a glossary of complex terminology.
• Highlighting to facilitate summarising and categorising information to extract and develop higher order skills.

 Download the Read&Write Guide


• Dictionary improves comprehension, spelling and writing skills.
• Proofread errors including confusable and incorrect spelling to change words and clarify meaning and revise order of content.
• Voice Note entries to identify points to reminders to change or research further.
• Text to Speech (Play) to listen to and review textual content.
• Share work for peer review or group discussions through Google drive.


• Access to and read back of texts within documents, specifically inaccessible texts.
• Accessibility features gives extra support to students with dyslexia and other literacy challenges.
• Text to Speech to access reading material, recognise spellings and understand content.
• Highlighting to improve collation and organisation of research material.
• Scan/OCR to have printed documents read aloud online or text extracted accurately.
• Screenshot Reader converts inaccessible PDF text to accessible text using OCR.
• Screen Masking for those with visual sensitivities to reduce glare and visual stress and help improve focus and reading fluency.


• Speech Maker to generate MP3 audio revision files of selected texts for listening.
• Use highlighting of text to extract and summarise course notes.
• Text to Speech (Play) to listen to and review textual content of web pages, Microsoft Word and PDF docs.

Disabilities supported:

SpLD (dyslexia, dyspraxia [DCD], dyscalculia, dysgraphia, ADHD, ADD, ASD including Asperger’s Syndrome) and Mental Health:
• Encourage independent comprehension of reading material and learning, improved confidence and attainment.
• Text to speech (Play) to support concentration difficulties, short term memory and cognitive processing weaknesses.
• Files, websites and documents are more readily accessible though the Toolbar.
• Brainstorm, summarise and extract research information efficiently using coloured on-screen highlighting collected separately or together, including the bibliographic source details.
• Help to collate key points and associated research information and put to page, focussing on content not literacy difficulties.
• Develop writing and proofreading skills, improve word and homophone recognition (phonological weakness) within sentence construction to clarify meaning.
• Screen Masking supports those students experiencing visual stress.
• Voice Note entries to bookmark text content to return to following rest or prolonged breaks.

Partial Hearing or Low Visual Impairment:

• Have texts read aloud, where volume can be adjusted on the computer, including inaccessible PDF documents and relevant information selected, extracted and collated into a Microsoft Word document, including bibliography.
• Screen Masking to reduce glare and improve definition of text on-screen.
• Produce audio files with Audio Maker to listen through headphones to help eliminate background noise and distractions.

Physical Difficulties (fine motor control, fatigue, chronic pain):

• Have text read aloud (Text to Speech) to help ease fatigue.
• If using Dragon Professional speech recognition, transcribe audio to text and export to Word where Read&Write can proofread and edit content.
• Voice Note entries to bookmark text content to return to following rest or prolonged breaks
• Use Audio Maker to produce audio revision files for listening to help manage time for rest breaks.


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