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Online Gaming

To ensure your gaming experience in the UCLan Halls of Residence is at it best, we have set up a managed Network service. As all games operate differently it will never be possible for us to guarantee that every game will work, however we have made arrangements for games which follow standards compatible with the UCLan network to operate.  

Please Note: You must read the Online Gaming and Copyright Information Statement carefully before using online gaming.

Games Console Registration

LIS have now made registering your games console even easier.

This service allows direct connection to the residences network for Online Gaming.

To register for online gaming, first visit the Network Lite Registration page and register yourself online, if you have already registered a Laptop or PC you can skip this step.

Please Note: It is not necessary to plug in a physical device into your Network Lite socket to register. This process can be performed on any device with an internet connection. 

Once you have registered you can continue with registering your gaming device by following the steps below.

You will need the Mac address for your games console. The instructions for Xbox, Playstation and Wii can be found on this page.

Once you have your Mac address then follow this link to register:



How to Access your Gaming Consoles MAC Address

Xbox One

  • Navigate to My Games & Apps
  • Select Settings
  • Select Network
  • Select Advanced Settings
  • The MAC address for a wired connection should be displayed


  • On the Main Menu, Scroll to the Settings tab 
  • Scroll down and Select Network 
  • Scroll and Select View Connection Status 
  • On this new screen, towards the bottom, the MAC address is listed for your wired connection


  • From the Wii Channel menu, select Wii Settings
  • Select Internet then Console Information
  • The MAC address of the Wii console is displayed on the first line.

For older consoles please see the Online Gaming Guide.