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Accessing the University Network

If you are accessing our network for the first time, you may be interested in looking at our Getting Started and How to Login guides.

A new Self-Service Password Reset facility is being provided to enable all UCLan students to reset their password in the event that it has been forgotten.

You will need to register to use the new service. Go to the registration web page You will first be asked to provide your UCLan Username and password to verify it’s you. You will then be presented with a number of security questions. Please provide answers to at least three questions and make sure you can remember the exact answers you give (including spaces and upper / lower case characters).

If you forget your password, go to the Self-Service Password Reset web page You will be asked to provide the answers to three of the questions you answered when you registered. If the answers are an exact match with what you entered when you registered, you will be prompted to enter a new password. The new password can then be used straight away.

When on campus using a UCLan Windows desktop PC, you can change your password using the existing Change Password application. If you are using any other device, or are not on campus, you can change your password by going to the Self-Service Password Reset web page and following the same process as for a forgotten password.

For more information on passwords then look at our password guide.


We have many computing facilities around the UCLan campus, visit our Computers, photocopiers, printer and scanners page for more information. For more general information about our IT facilities visit our IT page.

There are many ways to access your files and emails, such as Email, Remote Access (Citrix) and Internet File access (WebDav). All you need is a computer with internet access.

If you would like to use our wireless services, visit the Internet Access page.

Visit our FAQs page for a full range of FAQs guides and support.

Internet File Access (WebDav)

How do I use the Internet file access - WebDav service?

The Internet file access service - WebDav is for off campus use. It works by mapping a drive on your own Windows PC or Apple Mac to connect to your files and folders on the UCLan Network. When used via a web browser, file access is read only.

Internet File Access (WebDav) on macs

Internet file access on Apple Mac - please follow the instructions below:

  • Open Finder
  • Select Go then  then select Connect to Server
  • Enter the following: and by your UCLan Network Username e.g.
  • Enter your UCLan Network Username and password when prompted, then Connect