Medincle Spellchecker

Medincle Spellchecker is a spellchecker for those studying medical, dentistry, nursing and healthcare courses. This software installs into word processors (PC and Mac) and web browsers and removes the red lines of correctly spelt medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare terminology and leaves actual errors highlighted.

Medincle Features:

• British Nomenclature
• 100% British/BNF spelling
• No toolbars and No training needed
• Works in Read&Write, MindView and Dragon Professional

Medincle Pronounce:

• New free companion tool
• Audio pronunciation of medical terms
• Currently PC only
• Do not need to have Medincle
• Download from Medincle website (purple desktop icon)
• To use enter word and click on sound icon


Medincle webpage
Medincle installation guide and FAQs
Medincle Pronounce download
Medincle Spellchecker YouTube video