MAGic (with speech) v14

Screen magnification software for low vision users that enlarges sections of the screen, up to 60 times its actual size, reads aloud on-screen texts using their synthesised speech and changes the colour and contrast of the screen. The screen magnification helps you work more efficiently with applications, documents and emails and easily navigate the Internet to stay connected on Social Media.

Please note: This software has now been discontinued by the supplier but will remain on the network at this time. If you require training on this application, please contact Inclusive Support.

Key features include:

• Magnification – changing magnification,1x to 60x with many increments, and view
• Visual enhancements – changing screen colours to reduce glare; inverting brightness; screen tinting; customising focus, cursor and mouse
• Speech and reading – custom options to help reduce eye fatigue with selection of voice profile; spotlight text with speech; audio ‘ducking’ of other programmes while MAGic speaks; reading with Text Viewer to display a continuous line of formatted text across the screen for easier reading of documents, emails, web pages etc. Read with mouse echo on the cursor position.
• Hot keys – hot keys many features including magnification, views, visual enhancement, cursor movement, speech, text viewer, mouse echo and reading.
• Custom Schemes – the Mouse Schemes, Cursor Schemes, and Colour Schemes tabs are a group of settings that can be saved and used in certain applications or circumstances. Schemes allow you to quickly switch between different configurations of mouse, cursor, or colour enhancements, for example, create a mouse enhancement scheme specifically for proofreading documents and another scheme for browsing Web pages.

magic with speech


Note: Images and descriptions of the software are courtesy of © Freedom Scientific Inc.