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eduroam – the worldwide Wi-Fi roaming service for academia

eduroam Wireless Service

eduroam is available free to and staff and students. It can be accessed throughout the UCLan campus and after you set it up eduroam is the JANET Roaming Service which allows you to logon to wireless networks at participating institutions world-wide using your UCLan email address and password.

How to login

At UCLan

You need to use your full UCLan email address as your username (e.g. and your UCLan network password.
Please Note: if you just use your username it won’t work.

At other Institutions

Although eduroam enables you to logon to other institutions wireless networks with your own username and password the security settings used by other institutions may not be the same as those used at UCLan. Please check the eduroam setup instructions at the particular institution you are visiting to see if you need to change your security settings

Visitors to UCLan

Visitors to UCLan should note that we use Tier JRS2 Security using WPA2 security and 802.1x authentication. Please see the above documentation for instructions on setting up your Wireless connection if you come from an institution that uses different security and authentication

All users of the eduroam network must agree to abide by the JANET Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Where can I login to eduroam?

The eduroam service is currently available in all buildings which have wireless coverage. The service runs alongside UCLan’s existing wireless service UCLan-Wireless and will be identified as eduroam in your wireless client software.