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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Library and IT Support

On this page you will find answers to common questions our students ask about library facilities, IT and email issues and printing facilities for UCLan students. The answers cover topics such as resetting your passwords, accessing your files from home, UCLan cards, renewing books and adding printer credit. If you have any further questions then please contact us directly:

LIS Customer Support

LIS Self-Service Portal -

LIS Self-Service Portal (for mobile devices/screen readers) -
Tel: 01772 895355

Lost UCLan Cards

All lost UCLan Cards must be replaced at The <i>, based on the Ground Floor of the Library. The replacement cost for lost cards is £10*.

All queries to be directed to The <i> on 01772 895000 or via email at  

*In some cases this charge may be waived.


How do I setup emails on my phone or mobile device?

We have created several guides for setting up emails on my phone or mobile devices these can be found in the guides section

I am expecting an email from an external email address. I know it's been sent but can't find it.

If you use the Junk feature to manage your incoming mail you may have set it to block emails from that address or domain (e.g. So you should check your Junk Email folder to see if the email is there, if it is then you can move it back into your mailbox. You also need to check your settings for handling Junk mail. If you find an email address or domain ( in the wrong list then select it and chose another list. Please note: this will not make the email appear in your mailbox you will have to ask the sender to email you again.

It could be that the email is missing from your mailbox due to a rule that you have created – e.g. you may have created a rule which automatically moves all emails with the word ‘budget’ into a separate folder. So check any rules that you have created using Rules.


I am a student. How do I reset my password?

A new Self-Service Password Reset facility is being provided to enable all UCLan users to reset their password in the event that it has been forgotten.

You will need to register to use the new service. Go to the registration web page You will first be asked to provide your UCLan Username and password to verify it’s you. You will then be presented with a number of security questions. Please provide answers to at least three questions and make sure you can remember the exact answers you give (including spaces and upper / lower case characters).

Changing your password

On campus at a Windows computer, logon, then press CTRL + ALT + DELETE and selecting “Change a Password”.
Off campus, or using any other device, browse to and follow on-screen instructions.

Other users: once you have registered for the service, you will be able to reset your password yourself, whether on or off campus, instead of having to go to the Library to get your password reset.

I am a student in UCLan Halls, how do I connect to the internet?

If you are staying in UCLan Halls then you can connect to the internet using our Network Lite or Wireless Service. Look at the Campus Map to see where Wireless is available.

How do I connect to the Wireless Services?

We have two Wireless services available, UCLan-Wireless and eduroam. Visit our Guides and Forms page to find the relevant guides. Look at the Campus Map to see where Wireless is available.

Why can't I login to the Networked Computers?

  • If you are having trouble with your username and password, it is always a good idea to try resetting your password. If you experience difficulty with this then please contact LIS Customer Support
  • If you see a message stating that your account is locked then please contact LIS Customer Support
  • If you see a message that states 'No logon Servers available' this generally means the computer has lost connection to the network. Please contact LIS Customer Support

I have deleted my work saved on the N:\ drive by accident

If you have previously saved the file to your N:\ on the UCLan Network then it may be possible to get it restored. Please complete the N:\ drive file/folder restore form on the FAQs page.

My timetable is blank what should I do?

If your timetable is blank or incorrect in any way, then you should contact your school.

I am a student and need to access to my files at home.

We have several services that allow you access to your files off campus:

  • Remote Access (Citrix) is the main service which gives access to files along with many other services and some software, such as Microsoft Office 2010
  • WebDav is an alternative service offered when you only need access to your University files. WebDav (Internet file access) provides access to files that you have saved on the UCLan Network via the Internet. You can view and download files and also upload files if you are accessing via Windows or Apple Mac

I am a student. What software can I use at home?

Remote Access (Citrix) can be used to access some software off campus, see the Remote Access (Citrix) web page for further information.

I am a student. How do I install software available on the UCLan Network?

Follow our guide to installing software onto a UCLan Networked PC found in Guides section on this page

I opened a file from my email, worked on it, then I selected the save button, I can't find it what can I do?

Follow our guide for Office 365 Email- How to Recover Documents opened via Webmail Guide. Unless you have done either of the following:

  • Logged out of the machine you were working on
  • Downloaded the file from your emails again after losing your work
  • Shut down the machine you were working on for any length of time

How do I upload my photo for my UCLan Card?

You will need a digital passport style photo, your Student number and your Family name. Enter the details when requested and upload your image. Visit the photo upload page to continue.

Need access to your re-assessment results?

You can access your assessment results via myUCLan.


How do I borrow a library item?

You can issue Library items at any of the self issue machines. They are available on the ground, first and second floors. Follow the instructions on the screen and don't forget to take your receipt as this shows the due date for the item/s borrowed. You can also check details of loans by accessing your Library Account online. Visit the borrowing page for more information about issuing library items.

How do I return a library item?

You need to return items if they are recalled to avoid fines. You will find the returns machine on the ground floor. Follow the instructions on the screen and don't forget to take your receipt as proof of return. Visit the borrowing page for more information about returning library items.

I borrowed a book but have lost my receipt. How can I check when it's due back?

It is important that you look after your receipts. However you can still check when your items are due back on your Library Account. Select Sign in and then enter your standard UCLan username and password. You will then be able to see all the items that you have on loan and their due dates.

How do I renew a book I have borrowed from the Library?

UCLan Students and Staff now get a maximum of 26 weeks auto renewals on books. After that if you have reached the renewal limit or someone has reserved it you will not be able to extend the loan and will need to return the book on or before the due date.

A book that I borrowed is overdue. How much will the fine be?

You can find full details on the Fines page.

I am not in Preston at the moment but know that I have a large Library fine to pay. Can I pay online?

If the fine is over £5, then you can pay using your debit/credit card. You need to call 01772 895000. Please have details of your borrower number (this is the 14 digit number under the barcode on your UCLan Card).

I need to borrow a particular book for my course. Library Search shows that all the copies are on loan.

When all copies of an item are out on loan, it is possible to place a reservation.

I returned a book to the Library but it is still showing on my Library account.

Contact the The <i> on the Ground Floor of the Library during their opening hours.

I have lost a DVD that I borrowed from the Library. What should I do and can I buy a replacement copy of the DVD?

Contact the The <i> on the Ground Floor of the Library during their opening hours.

How do I access Online Journals?

The majority of e-resources within our Electronic Resources will be accessible via the Shibboleth Service using your UCLan Network Username and Password.

Can I bring a visitor to the Library and will they need any ID?

Please see our Visitors and Externals page.

The book I want is not in the library or online, what can I do?

The Inter-Library loan service allows you to borrows books and journals from sources outside of the University. For further details please visit the Inter-Library loan page.


I am a student. Where can I print at UCLan?

There are printers available in a number of buildings on Campus. You will need to add printing credit and install a printer. You can find more information about this on our Computers, Photocopiers, Printers, Scanners page.

How do I add Printer credit?

You can find more information about this on our Computers, Photocopiers, Printers, Scanners page.