It is advisable to register with a doctor when you come to Preston. If you wish to register at the UCLan Medical Centre on the Preston Campus bring your medical card along and your registration will be completed. If you do not have your medical card, you can still register by coming to the Medical Centre where an alternative form will be provided for completion.

At the time of registration you will be asked to fill in a short health questionnaire. This is to assist the doctors and nurses as it may take some time for the transfer of medical records from your previous doctor.

For the students studying at the Burnley Campus, please take a look at a list of local General Practitioners.

A visit to the doctor may make you feel:

  • Worried and reluctant to ask ‘silly’ questions
  • Confused by the information you are being given
  • Concerned that perhaps your situation is being dismissed

Positive steps:

  • Be prepared – take a short list of questions to ask and you won’t forget anything important
  • Take a friend with you – you will feel less nervous
  • When you’re there, write down what your doctor tells you
  • Be assertive – if you feel your problem is not being taken seriously, explain politely but firmly that you would like a second opinion
  • Don’t give up – if the problem persists, go back

If you are really concerned and would like to see another doctor, casually find out which day your doctor doesn’t work and make an appointment for that day. Say that you are worried and would like more explanation.

If you don’t want to wait for an appointment, you may be able to see the practice nurse or you can phone NHS Direct (0845 4647), who will answer questions over the phone and assess your need for a doctor.

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