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Black History Month - October 2020

Event Details

The University has a number of webinars, focus groups, podcasts, seminars and exhibitions arranged to celebrate Black History Month throughout October.

Find out more about everything on offer throughout the month – download our programme of events:

BHM programme of events (word doc)
BHM programme of events (PDF)

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Race and Research – Changing the picture at UCLan
Tuesday 13 October - 10am - 11.30 am

This work stream aims to explore the under representation of BAMME (Black, Asian, Minority and/or Migrant Ethnicity) students, academics and staff within higher education settings and contribute to the narrative around levelling the playing field and increasing representation within the research environment.
Open to: Staff, Students, Guests
Delivered by: Dr John Wainwright
Join the: Microsoft Teams Meeting

UCLan Black Talents - in conversation
Wednesday 14 October, 2pm - 3.30pm

Keynote with three talents from the University highlighting the importance of Black history, Black representation and leadership.

Open to: Staff, Students and Community
Delivered by: Pradeep Passi - Chair
Prof Jacinta Nwachukwu – ‘The iceberg illusion’
Senior Lecturer David Knight – ‘Out of Africa’
Student Odette Yende – ‘Black Leadership’
Book on: Eventbrite to receive a reminder or join the Microsoft Teams Meeting

Where is Home? Listen to our stories!
Tuesday 27 October - 12pm - 1.30pm

This work stream highlights the power of creative visual art, used as a mean of narrating stories by young refugees who resettled in the North of England. Resettled young refugees reflect on the effects of acculturation on their emotions and socio-cultural lives in England.

For more information access this Padlet on Black Healthcare Leaders and Pioneers in the Schools of Nursing and Community Health and Midwifery

Open to: Staff, Students and Community
Delivered by: Dr Peggy Muolongo (Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing and Practice)
Event link: Microsoft Teams Meeting

The ‘known knowns’ and ‘known unknowns’ of heart disease in the BAME population- What doctors are not taught at Medical School. Supporting a BAME research institute at UCLan
Thursday 29 October - 12pm - 1pm

Prof Davis talks about his lived experience in this field and gives an overview of the scope and extent of this subject. It has once again come to attention as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic and the findings of worse outcomes in the BAME population.

Open to: Staff, Students and community
Delivered by: Prof Gershan Davis
Book on: Eventbrite to receive a reminder or access the event Link on Teams: Microsoft Teams Meeting

Focus Groups

Workshop 1 – Speaking Up and Speaking Out: A narrative of lived Experiences by BAME UCLan Staff and Students
Wednesday 7 October - 12pm - 1pm

A safe and confidential space where BAME staff and students can share their lived experiences (good, bad and ugly) followed by open discussions in break out rooms (staff and students) and feedback to all at the end.

Open to: Staff and Students
Delivered by: Dr Joy Gana-Inatimi, supported by BAME staff/student network and Akua Quao
Join the: Microsoft Teams Meeting

Workshop 2 – Live, Learn and Work Better Together
Wednesday 28 October - 12pm - 1pm

Based on the previous workshop 1 we will build and share a narrative from lived experiences to tell the story of UCLan BAME staff and students and to inform the design of strategies to help us live, learn and work better together.

Open to: Staff and Students
Delivered by: Dr Joy Gana-Inatimi, supported by BAME staff/student network and Akua Quao
Join the: Microsoft Teams Meeting

For further information email:

Radio Broadcast

Lancashire Black History From October 2020 onwards

UCLan academics are broadcasting a series of programmes with BBC Radio Lancashire in collaboration with Preston Black History Group on Lancashire’s Black history

Open to: all
Delivered by: Prof Alan Rice (UCLan/IBAR), David Knight (UCLan), Dr Theresa Saxon (UCLan/IBAR), Clinton Smith (Preston Black History Group) and other members of the Black community
Link: BBC Radio Lancashire
For further information email: UCLan EDI: or


Black British Lives in Lancaster Available from 5 October 2020 onwards - 10am

Episode 1: Biography of Oldham based James Johnson (1847-1914)

A podcast series to raise awareness of the Black Lives Matter movement. UCLan's social media team, in conjunction with The Institute for Black Atlantic Research (IBAR), have begun to uncover a series of historic tales relating to local black individuals whose stories have been ‘lost’ over time.

Open to: All
Delivered by: Narrated by Jade Montserrat (PhD student, IBAR)
Link to access podcast: Facebook
Book on: Link will appear on UCLan social media channels:
UCLan Facebook
UCLan Twitter
UCLan Instagram


Memorial to Zong
Available from October 2020 onwards

This exhibition of Professor Lubaina Himid’s artwork raises awareness of the North West’s crucial involvement in the infamous Transatlantic Slave Trade. In this impressive work, our Turner Prize winner artist offers a powerful re-interpretation of the history and brutality of the slave trade and offers artistic ways in which it should be remembered.

Due to COVID Restrictions, there is a delay to the opening of the exhibition to members of the public. However, accompanying the exhibition, during Black History Month, a series of videos and other materials will be shown on the Museum Facebook Page.

Location: Lancaster Maritime Museum
Open to: All
Delivered by: Prof Lubaina Himid
Book on: Link will appear on UCLan social media channels:
UCLan Facebook
UCLan Twitter
UCLan Instagram

And Lancaster Maritime Museum webpage and Facebook page.


Afterlives of the Kingdom of Haiti, 1820-2020: Art, Refinement and Material Culture
Tuesday 6 October 6.30pm - 8pm

This online event will explore issues relating to Haitian history and heritage, numismatics, transatlantic artistic production, dress and music produced in or on behalf of the Kingdom of Haiti. The event will take place on October 6th (Christophe’s birthday) and will be led by experts in the field – joining virtually from the UK, US and Haiti – and will offer an introduction to the historical context surrounding these transatlantic cultural connections as well as a series of short talks on more focused topics. It will conclude with a live performance.

Open to: all
Delivered by: Research Forum Courtauld Institute, Co-hosted by Dr Nicole Willson (UCLan/IBAR) Book on: Eventbrite

Canaan Limited: Canada in Black Slave and Neo-Slave Narratives
Wednesday 21 October – 4pm -  5pm

This seminar addresses the ambivalent role of Canada – a British colony that became a refuge for African Americans from the late 18th to the mid-19th century but also held its own problems in stock for Black residents – in African American life narratives of the period as well as in contemporary Black American and Canadian literary engagement with that time and context.

Delivered by: Dr Astrid Haas (Marie Curie Research Fellow, IBAR)
Open to: all
Event link: Teams

BAME Staff Network

Black Writers and Musicians
Thursday 15 October 11am - 1pm

In this networking event UCLan’s BAME Staff Network celebrates Black writers and musicians. Reading excerpts from black writers and listening to music composed and interpreted by black performers.
Contact Chairs Fazila Bhimji or Kirsty Roberts to read or suggest songs.

Open to: All staff and guests
Delivered by: Fazila Bhimji/Kirsty Roberts
Event link: Teams Meeting
For further information email:

Exploring Identity and challenging oppression through Design
Monday 26 October – 12pm - 1pm

Senior Lecturer and BAME Staff Network member David Knight will talk about his academic work exploring identity and challenging areas of oppression through design. Followed by discussion and Q&A.

Open to: Staff and Students
Delivered by: David Knight/ BAME Staff Network chairs
Event link: Microsoft Teams Meeting

Find out what the Students' Union are planning throughout Black History Month.

memorial by l Himid

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01 Oct 2020