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UK & Overseas based Work or Study placements

The University has robust procedures in place to help ensure your health, safety and well-being whilst you are undertaking a period of work or study placement related to your course of study or if it is part of an authorised wider University engagement or learning agenda activity.

Whether you organise your own work or study placement or it is organised by a member of University staff the University’s procedures will apply.

Your responsibilities:

  • If you arrange your own placement you must provide to your tutor / placement organiser in good time, all relevant contact details for the provide, a job description and any other information deemed necessary, to allow the placement tutor to assess the providers health and safety management arrangements;
  • Not to commence placement until the placement is passed by your tutor/ placement organiser;
    To take reasonable care of your own health and safety and that of other people who may be affected by your actions or omissions;
  • To co-operate with your placement provider and tutor/placement organiser in complying with their legal duties and specifically any requirements highlighted by the risk assessment process;
    To conduct duties and use equipment as instructed by the placement provider;
  • To inform your work/study supervisor of any immediate health and safety risks or shortfalls and your tutor/placement organiser if they are not resolved;
  • To notify your placement organiser of any significant changes to your expected work activities;
    Not to change your work or study placement provider until it has been discussed and agreed by your tutor/placement organiser;
  • To keep in regular contact with the University as deemed necessary by your tutor/placement organiser;
  • To notify your tutor/placement organiser of any unauthorised absences from work/study;
  • If travelling overseas for work or study completing an overseas travel risk assessment and have it authorised by your Head of School prior to travel commencing.

Student Work/Study Overseas Placements Travel Risk Assessment Template