Pre-School Centre Procedures

Arrival & departure of children
Parents/guardians must always sign for their child both on arrival and departure from the Pre-School Centre. This duty is the responsibility of the parent/guardian. The signing sheet will be situated at the entrance of the Centre. We must be informed if anyone other than the parent/guardian will be collecting your child.

In the event of a fire the signing sheet will be used to check if all children are present after evacuation – so it is vital you ensure it is signed.

To clarify where our responsibility for your child begins and ends; on arrival at the Centre you hand over your child to a Nursery Nurse who will then register your child for the session. Once you have handed your child over to a Nursery Nurse we become responsible for your child from the time you leave the Centre building. When you collect your child you must inform a Nursery Nurse of your departure - from that moment you are responsible.

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We aim to ensure your child’s introduction to our setting is as stress free as possible. We achieve this by encouraging you, the carer to bring your child into the Centre as often as you can prior to him/her starting. We find that by staying with your child and then leaving him/her for short periods eases the separation process. Please remember the more your child comes and experiences the activities on offer and sees you interacting with the nursery nurse, the more settled he/she will feel. Your child is welcome to bring along any comforters.

A child who is tense or unhappy will not be able to play or learn properly, so it is important for parents and staff to work together to help children feel confident and secure in the group. This takes longer for some children and parents should not feel worried if their child takes a while to settle.

Behaviour & Sanctions
Corporal punishment is illegal and is not used within the Centre. We promote the development of a sense of right and wrong behaviour by teaching your child the appropriate way to act and discouraging unacceptable behaviour. We use clear boundaries and rules, focus on the behaviour and not the child, set good examples, talk and listen to your child, praise, love and care rather than punish.

Safeguarding Children
All staff at the Pre-School Centre are aware of behavioural and physical indicators that may draw attention to the possibility of abuse. They have undertaken training, know the procedures and would respond appropriately if they believe a child has been abused or is at risk of abuse. (Any known abusers would be excluded.)

If there were any suspicion of abuse this would be recorded and the Pre-School Centre Officers-in-Charge would be responsible for liaising with the Children's Social Care Team without delay. All staff would co-operate with any investigation and would act in accordance with the wishes of the Police and Ofsted. If a member of staff were under suspicion, the registered person would act in accordance with the wishes of the Police and Ofsted investigators.

This may mean suspending staff from duty and instituting University disciplinary procedures.

Complaints Procedure
The University has a complaints procedure, copies of which are available in the Pre-School Centre office. By listening to you, the parent/guardian, we are able to evaluate and revise our service. In the event of any parent/guardian being unhappy about any aspect of the care your child is receiving please speak in the first instance to one of the Pre-School Centre Officers-in-Charge or the Director of Student and Academic Support Services. You can also contact the Ofsted Unit at:

The National Business Unit
Royal Exchange Buildings
St Anns Square
Manchester M2 7LA
Tel: (0300 123 1231)

A copy of our most recent Annual Inspection Report can be seen on the notice board in the Centre.

Our work will bring us into contact with confidential information. To ensure that all those using and working in the Pre-School Centre can do so with confidence we will respect confidentiality in the following ways: -

  • Parents have access to files and records of their own children.
  • Staff will not discuss individual children with people other than the parents/guardians of that child.
  • Information given by parents to the Pre-School staff will be treated with respect and sensitivity.
  • Any anxieties/evidence relating to a child's personal safety will be kept in a confidential file and will not be shared within the Pre-School Centre except by the child's Key Worker and Officers-in-Charge.
  • Students on placement at the Centre will be advised of our confidentiality policy and are required to maintain it.

If you discover a fire: Operate the nearest fire alarm (next to the front door and next to the art area fire exit). Dial 333 on your way out of the building and inform the telephonist of the location of the fire.

IMPORTANT: only stop to tackle the fire with an extinguisher if it is safe to do so.
The fire alarm is tested weekly and the building is inspected annually by the Fire Brigade. Regular fire drills are carried out whilst the Centre is in operation.

In an Emergency
Inform the Pre-School staff in the office who will dial 333 and inform the telephonist of the nature of the emergency and location.

Missing Child Procedure
All children on arrival at the Pre-School Centre must be “signed in” by the parent/guardian and on departure the child must be 'signed out'.

In the highly unlikely event of a child going 'missing' all other children will be collected together in a secure room. They will be watched by half of the Pre-School Centre staff present, whilst other staff will undertake a thorough search of the building and outside play area, also all rooms, cupboards, corners etc; large enough to hide a child will be inspected.

If the child is not found in the building or grounds, a search of the surrounding area would take place, whilst the Centre Officers-in-Charge would inform the parents, (through the emergency details on the Pre-School Centre Enrolment Form) Police, University Security and Management.

Precautions concerning infectious diseases and illness
If Centre staff suspect a child is suffering from an infectious disease then he/she will be isolated with a member of staff until the parent/guardian can be contacted to collect the child. If we have to take your child to hospital as a result of the illness or an accident we do our utmost to inform you immediately - (using the emergency details on the Pre-School Centre Enrolment Form) therefore it is vital that you inform us of your timetable/whereabouts. All accidents are reported in an accident book in the office and parents/guardians will be asked to sign this in the event of their child having an accident. Children should not attend the Centre if they have a rash, discharge from the eyes or nose, diarrhoea or any contagious/infectious illness - they should be kept at home for 48 hours, symptom free or until a doctor has certified he/she is fully recovered.

Record Keeping
All written records are kept in a lockable filing cabinet in the office. Parents/guardians are free to examine their own child’s file whenever they wish. Key Workers have the responsibility for your child’s development checks; please ask if you wish to see these.

Storage & administration of medication
All medication is kept out of reach of the children in a locked medicine cabinet in the office or in the lockable pharmacy fridge. Medicines/Skin Creams/Lotions can only be administered with written authorisation from the parent/guardian. Only prescribed medication should be brought into the Pre-School Centre. The parent/guardian must complete an “Authorisation of Medication” form in the office in order for medication to be administered. A written record will be kept of all medication administered. Only a qualified nurse or medical practitioner can give injections.