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Diversity Policy

The University aims to ensure equality of opportunity by combating all forms of prejudice and eliminating all forms of unfair discrimination. Staff at the Centre ensure that their actions support the University's Diversity Policy (a copy is available in the Pre-School Centre office or parents room).

Here at the Centre we value and respect different racial origins, religions, cultures and languages. Each child is valued as an individual, without racial or gender stereotyping. We provide access and facilities for children with special educational needs. All play equipment is selected to show positive images of people of all races, cultures and disabilities and avoid racial or sexist stereotyping. Our good practice enables children to develop positive attitudes to differences in race, culture, language and gender.

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Health & Safety
The University’s Health and Safety at Work Policy is available in the Pre-School Centre office. The Pre-School Centre has a responsibility to provide a safe environment for your child. All staff are aware of potential hazards within the nursery and the surrounding environment and actively protect children from hazards. Most staff have had First Aid Training. A First Aid Box is situated in the First Aid room and the Officers-in-Charge ensure staff have a good working knowledge of first aid. All accidents and any incidents are recorded in our Accident Book and also recorded on the University’s Accident Forms. All accidents are accurately notified to the carer as soon as possible. Hygiene rules relating to bodily fluids are followed with particular care and all staff and trainees are aware of how infections (including HIV infection) can be transmitted.

Healthy Eating Policy
We are very much aware of the importance of establishing healthy eating habits within our Pre-School Centre. The sharing of refreshments can play an important part in the social life of the Pre-School Centre.

At the Pre-School Centre we will ensure that :

  • All meals are nutritious, avoiding large quantities of sugar, salt, additives, preservatives and colourings.
  • Children’s medical and personal dietary requirements are respected.
  • Menus are planned in advance and food offered is fresh, wholesome and balanced.
  • A multi-cultural diet is offered to ensure children from all backgrounds encounter familiar tastes and that all children have the opportunity also to try unfamiliar foods.
  • Our aim is to reduce the intake of food and drink containing sugar and to encourage the children to eat healthily.
  • Milk or water is served with morning and afternoon snacks, which are healthily and nutritious. Water is served with lunch.
  • Babies in nursery will be weaned from a bottle to a feeder cup by 18 months. This is to aid speech development and good dental health. Parents are asked not to bring bottles in for children over 18 months.
  • Dummies will only be used on babies as a soother to aid sleep, once asleep the dummy is removed. Dummies will not be used throughout the day as a pacifier for babies or children. Dummies are discouraged for children aged 18 months and over and parents/carers are asked not to bring them in 
  • Good tooth care practice is encouraged. If you wish to bring a birthday treat for the children alternatives to sweets can be brought. This may be treats such as tangerines, apples or pictures to colour. Goody bags can be made using healthy foods and non-edible treats. Please feel free to discuss ideas with the staff.
  • Birthdays will be celebrated by lighting candles and singing. Children will be made to feel special on their important day.
  • We encourage children and parents not to bring sweets and cakes in during the session.
  • A tooth care and healthy eating project will be undertaken at least once a year.

Outings Policy
Outings are arranged for the children to complement themes. These outings enhance and reinforce in a practical way what your child is learning within the Centre. Higher ratios of staff supervise these outings. First aid equipment is taken. Mobile phones are also taken for use in any emergency. A consent form must be signed by the parent/guardian in advance of any trip.

Smoking Policy
The University has no smoking policy. Here at the Pre-School Centre we support this policy and ensure this is observed at all times. This applies to all staff, parents, visitors and contractors entering the Centre.

Drinking Water Policy
As a national standard all children are offered a drink of water at several intervals throughout the day or when requested. The children are also encouraged to use the filtered water from the fountains situated within their rooms, allowing them access to drinking water when ever required. Providing drinks at all times for children helps toward, increased concentration, improved mental performance, reduces tiredness and irritability, means they are less distracted and improves general health.

Special Educational Needs Policy & Provision
The Centre provides places for all children, including children with Special Educational Needs. Staff are aware of the Code of Practice and the 3-stage process of identification and assessment of Special Needs.

Sun Safety Policy
We are aware of the dangers of exposing a young child to direct sunlight. During sunny weather children are not allowed outside when the sun is at its strongest (usually between 11.00am and 3.30pm). Early morning and late afternoon children play out with sun block applied to exposed skin. We expect parents/guardians to provide this - marked with their child’s name. Staff will apply this prior to the children going outside. We also prefer children to wear sun-hats. Please provide one in hot weather clearly marked with your child’s name. You will be requested to sign a consent form for the application of sunscreen.