Academic Help

Get to know your personal tutor

Some students have queries related to their course when they progress to the University but there are a wide range of resources available to help you with any particular academic difficulties.

Each student is allocated an academic adviser and/or a personal tutor who are able to give you support and advice in relation to your studies throughout the year. Establish contact with your tutor early in your studies and get to know the Year Tutor.

Course workshops

Many courses run specialist academic workshops to help with your studies. Further information can be found in your course handbooks and in your Campus Administration Service (CAS) Hub.

Lecturers/ technicians/ personal tutors

Lecturers, school technicians and personal tutors are often a valuable source of advice relating to your course. Contact your CAS Hub for further information.

Other academic advice

If you feel you need academic advice independently from your School or College, try the Study Support services.

Managing studies and other commitments

Some students find it challenging to manage their studies as well as their other responsibilities and commitments but there is plenty of help on hand:

Make use of WISER - Study Skills Development which offers specialist study advice and guidance through drop in, one-to one tutorial consultations and workshops on study skills topics.