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Parents Room

Within our Pre-School Centre we have a Parents Room which you are all welcome to access.

Our Parents room is a dedicated space where new parents and carers can sit and relax whilst their little ones enjoy visits to their new rooms. We ask that you wait in the parents room whilst your child has their taster visits so you are on hand should they become unsettled.

We welcome breast feeding in all our rooms, but should you want a little more privacy our Parents room is ideal with a comfy sofa for you to relax on.
The parents room has an array of information relating to childrens care, learning and development and family and health issues.

You are welcome to borrow any books and take the leaflets available. As this area is internet ready, UCLan staff and students are welcome to use the facilities to study.

Our pre-school staff also use this room for meetings with parents, health professionals as well as training and team meetings.