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Due to the current Covid-19 outbreak, we have had to cancel our regular events and gatherings. The Chaplaincy team is still here for you, and we can be contacted via email:

Best Wishes,
UCLan Chaplaincy Team

Wellbeing & Faith Events

An open invitation is extended to all UCLan students (new or returning) and members of staff to visit the Centre. A place where you can take some time out to relax in an environment designed for quiet time, peace, reflection, meditation, mindfulness and support.

Drop-in at any time that suits you, you’ll always be assured of a friendly welcome and free cup of tea.
The centre is open from 7.30am – 12 midnight (swipe access), 7 days a week.

Wellbeing Sessions

Yu-Taichi for you in Oasis:

Taichi is an effective exercise suitable for all age and all levels of fitness. It is recommended on NHS website for fall prevention. Regular practice improves strength, balance, flexibility as well as mental clarity. It is also known as Meditation-in-Motion because of its focus on slow controlled movements synchronized with deep breathing. A wonderful way to de-stress after, in the middle of, and indeed, ahead of a busy day at work. The course will start with a simple set with 8 Movements, before moving onto the 16-step and 24-step Taichi.
Please wear loose fitting clothes and light shoes with a thin sole.
Instructor: Feixia Yu, qualified in both China and the UK

No booking required

For further details email us:
Tel 01772 892615 or 01772 892602

Qigong Class for you in Oasis:

Qigong is also known as energy work. Qi means air or life energy inside a living being. It is a low impact exercise integrating breathing, movement and the mind. Its fluid rhythmic movement of the body in sync with the slow deep breathing helps the vital energy to flow through the entire body, thus resulting in better posture, more toned mussels and relaxed mind. The course will start with the Eight-Brocades before moving onto the Five-Animal-Plays and the Six-Healing-Sounds.
Please wear loose fitting clothes and light shoes with a thin sole.
Instructor: Feixia Yu, qualified in both China and the UK

No booking required

For further details email us:
Tel 01772 892615 or 01772 892602


every Monday 2.00pm – 3.00pm.


every Thursday 12 noon - 12.45pm

Alternatively, drop in at anytime to use our peaceful meditation room or take some time out in the Oasis Library where there’s a comprehensive range of spirituality and self-help books.


Faith Events

Buddhist Chaplaincy

Cham Tse Ling Buddhist Group Meeting takes place every Thursday evening from 7.30pm - 9.30pm. Feel free to drop in any time between 10.00am and 2.00pm on a Thursday to meet with Anne Walmsley who represents the Buddhist faith at Oasis.

Christian Chaplaincy

Find out more about  Creative Prayer at Oasis or visit our Creative Prayer Facebook page

SU Christian Union

Regular meetings are held throughout the year

Muslim Chaplaincy

The following sessions are held with the Imams:
• Tea & Talk with the Imam
• Meet & Greet
• Drop in sessions
• Bookable appointments
For more details about timings please look at the Muslim Chaplaincy Programme

Sisters' Social

Sisters from different backgrounds gather in a warm and friendly atmosphere, learning about Islam with a female scholar who leads discussions. All sisters welcome.
University’s Female Muslim Scholar (Aalimah), Anisha Hansrot can also be contacted on or visit for more information.

Latter Day Saints Student Society

Meets every Wednesday 12 noon – 2.00 pm. Plans are underway to establish an LDS Faith Group based at Oasis. Please contact Dr Roger Kendle if you'd like to get involved or you can drop by to meet him at Oasis on a Tuesday anytime between 10.00am and 2.00 pm.

Food Banks

A donation station has been set up at the Oasis Centre, where staff can drop off food for a newly formed local food bank group as well as the local charity, Noor Food Bank. They make a collection of tinned food, cereals, savouries, etc. from Oasis on a regular basis. The team expect to be inundated with requests for donations, so any support is most welcomed. Your generosity will go towards families struggling with food poverty.
The Noor Food Bank aims to tackle the current food poverty crisis in the UK. You can learn more about their mission via their Facebook page.

All Faiths

Want to pop in for a chat? We have associate chaplains from many faiths working with us at Oasis who are there to listen, discuss issues and offer support if needed.
Associate chaplains from the following faiths and none are also available to you: Humanism; Jewish; Hindu; Baha’i; Sikh; Roman Catholic; Pagan.

The Chaplaincy team is there for you. The team are happy to support staff and students to explore their faith, values and spirituality in a non-judgemental, supportive and confidential manner.
If you are interested in any of the above, wish to make an appointment to see any of the Chaplaincy team or would like to book out the function room for a faith, well-being or spirituality event, the Centre can be contacted as follows:
Email: or call 01772 892615 / 892602.

Best Wishes,
UCLan Chaplaincy Team