Welcome to the Bahá'í Society!

We meet Wednesdays 5pm at the Oasis Faith and Spirituality Centre. (Due to swipe-in hours, one of us will be at the doors until 5:05 to let you in)

Through our gatherings, we hope to engage those who come in conversations surrounding the central principles of the Bahá'í Faith (eg. the unity of mankind, the equality between men and women, and the harmony between science and religion) and their relevance to our lives. We will read, reflect, discuss and share snacks together. We hope our gatherings will be enjoyable and a source of upliftment to those who come.

We hope to raise awareness of the fundamental belief of the Bahá'í Faith, that 'the earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens', and how we can learn to live our lives by these words.

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