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Anglican Church

The Church of England

A Christian presence in every community

Our Past

The Church of England is the established Christian Church in England. It originates from a Catholic mission led by Augustine, a Benedictine monk who became the first Archbishop of Canterbury.  He was sent from Rome by Pope Gregory the Great to bring the Christian faith to the Anglo-Saxons in AD 597. Those baptised by Augustine and his companions became members of the Roman Catholic Church in England.

In the Sixteenth Century the Church broke away from the influence of Rome while embracing the reformed tradition of Protestant Churches in Europe. The Act of Supremacy passed by Parliament in 1534 recognised the reigning monarch (Henry VIII at the time) as the Supreme Head of the Church of England.

Now independent of Rome and the authority the Pope, Henry and his successors were given the title ‘Defender of the Faith’. (The letters ‘FD’ still appear on coins bearing the profile of the sovereign’s head today.)

Our Present

Today the Church is organised into two provinces led by the senior bishop, the Archbishop of Canterbury (Southern Province) and the Archbishop of York (Northern Province). Each province is subdivided into dioceses (there are 43 in England), each led by a bishop. Each diocese is made up of individual parishes - or groups of parishes-  led by clergy while the people also play an active part in supporting the ministry and governance of the Church. The Church of England today plays a vital role in the life of the nation offering national, regional and local centres of worship, spirituality, education and service. One way in which it extends its service to communities beyond the parish system is its network of University Chaplains. The Church of England is also a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion of 38 self-governing churches or provinces throughout the world who share doctrine, worship and mission and for whom the Archbishop of Canterbury is a focus of unity. The Anglican Communion has 85 million members in more than 165 countries and is the third largest Christian communion after the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches.

You can visit the Blackburn Diocese website on: (This Diocese is the regional grouping of parishes with the oversight of a bishop covering all of Lancashire.)  
For information on the Anglican Communion go to

Our Faith

Christians believe God reveals himself in three modes of being which reflect his nature while at the same time providing the way to understand human nature. These three modes – forming one unity of being are: Creator (God the Father), Redeemer (God the Son, Jesus Christ), Sanctifier (God the Holy Spirit, God’s creative energies in us and in the world).

Jesus shows us what the Father is like and is the way we comprehend the life of God in the creative relationships we have and in the way we relate to the world.

Christian life is lived in relationship with the creator God through Jesus Christ and by the power of the Spirit.  

Central to our faith is the belief that ‘God is love and those who live in love live in God and God lives in them.’ When we learn to love ourselves as God loves us we can begin to love others as he loves them. The pursuit of Divine Love is redemptive in that it is the Way good most effectively flourishes at the expense of evil.

This love is not fickle or selfish but constant, unconditional and self-offering by nature. Through Divine love we find meaning in all circumstances while overcoming suffering and evil.  God’s love for us is stronger than death which is no longer defined in terms of destruction but completion.

By prayer and sacraments (specific activities that unleash the grace of God into our lives) we seek to live the divine life in the hope that we and all humanity will discover the profound peace and joy that is beyond understanding.

Our Service at UCLan

The Church of England Chaplain is available to anyone in the University community who seeks confidential pastoral support, a listening ear, a time of prayer in the Christian Chapel or to discuss matters of faith, meaning, and spirituality.  In the University Chaplaincy we seek to live in dialogue with others. We cherish our own faith and at the same time are open to others, respecting their views, beliefs and customs. We are prepared to grow, develop and to be changed as we seek to further the processes of mutual understanding and service. Here it is not just about sharing common ground but about becoming more ‘faith-full’ as a result of how we are with others.          

Christians at Work

A support group for staff members featuring regular Bible reflections circulated by email and cell groups. For further info contact Mark Ellery on        

Christian Union

The Christian Union exists to give every student an opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel.

  • Christian Unions are evangelical missional communities functioning within the heart of university and college campuses in Britain.    
  • It is lead by students and exits to bring together Christians of all backgrounds around the core truths of the gospel.

For more information contact the Chaplaincy Team.

Churches in Preston

Those who would like to make contact with Church of England Churches in Preston will find they offer a wide range of worship styles and practice. The details of those in closest proximity to the University are listed below. Their clergy will be happy to assist any students who are already active members of the Church and are looking for a parish or those who simply wish to experience and explore parish worship and community life for the first time. 

St Andrew
240 Tulketh Road Preston, PR2 1ES
Minister: Rev JDG Nash (James) 01772 726848

St Michael & All Angels Preston  
Edgerton Road , Preston P2 1AJ


Christ Church
Victoria Road Fulwood PR2 8NE

All Saints
Elizabeth Street PR1 2HF
Vicar:  Nathan Buttery
Church Office: 01772 885687


St Stephen
Bird Street, Broadgate PR1 8DY
01772 555762

St Cuthbert
Fulwood Lytham Road PR2 3AR
Vicar: Rev. Mark James  01772 597560

St George the Martyr  
George's Road, Lune Street PR1 2NP
01772 252528

St James
Knowsley Street off Avenham Lane PR1 3SA 

St John (The Minster)
Church Street PR1 3BU
01772 252528

St Matthew
New Hall Lane PR1 5XB