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Your Health & Safety at UCLan

Here at UCLan we aim to provide a safe and secure environment for you and your property whilst at the same time making sure we can respond quickly to emergency situations and incidents.
Trained Security staff can be found 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in Harrington Security Control on the ground floor of Harrington Building. We also provide extensive CCTV coverage around campus which is monitored and recorded.

To contact security:

Tel: 01772 892068 (internal telephone Ext: 2068. Students who have hearing difficulties can text security on 07891 679537. Whilst out and about, don’t be afraid to call Preston Police direct on 01772 203203 or in an emergency dial 999.

To make sure you stay safe and healthy whilst studying here on the Preston campus, or when undertaking any form of off campus activity as part of your course, it is essential that you become familiar with the safety, health and environmental management procedures relevant to you.
Please note that dependent on your course you may also receive local school inductions covering for instance laboratories, workshops, studios, specialist equipment etc., and again it is essential that you take part in these programmes and follow the requirements you are given.


Your Responsibilities

It is your duty when on campus to:

  • take reasonable care of yourself and other people who may be affected by your activities;
  • co-operate with supervisory or other staff so that they can carry out their statutory health and safety responsibilities;
  • report to your supervisor, tutor or other member of staff any situation, work practice or procedure which you think is potentially hazardous or something that you have been told might be hazardous;
  • report accidents, incidents and near-misses to your supervisor, tutor or other member of staff;
  • use as instructed, and not misuse in any way, personal protective equipment, clothing or materials provided by the University;
  • comply with any Safety, Health and Environment instructions, both verbal and written, which are given to you;
  • use machinery or equipment only with the appropriate guards or safety devices in position and in line with training received.

It is your duty when undertaking an off-campus activity in relation to your course to obtain/download and familiarise yourself with the student safety card.

First Aid

A list of University First Aid Officers is displayed at the entrances to all UCLan buildings showing the names and contact details of the First Aid Officers within that building. Alternatively you can call a First Aid Officer by phoning one of the following numbers:

  • Security telephone 01772 892068 (internal phone Ext: 2068)
  • University emergency number 01772 896333 (internal phone Ext:333)

Please note: While on campus do not call for an ambulance directly. It is important that you use the contact details above. If the casualty is unresponsive and NOT breathing normally tell security so that they can attend and bring a defibrillator.


Accident/Incident/Near-Miss Reporting

Accidents, incidents and dangerous near-misses should be reported immediately on the University's HS3/4 Accident/Incident Report Form, available from the <i>. Alternatively, you can complete the form below and pass it to your course tutor ( as a hard copy or via email.)

 Accident/Incident/ Near-Miss Report Form

Hazardous Substances

If you have to work with any hazardous substances you MUST follow the COSHH assessment and the local information, instruction and training you will be given.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE e.g. lab coats, gloves, safety glasses, high visibility jackets, hearing protection, face masks, etc., must be worn where indicated by a risk assessment, if instructed by supervising staff, in accordance with safety signs etc., and worn/used in accordance with the instruction/training given.


Electrical Equipment

We would encourage you not to bring personal equipment and appliances onto campus but we realise that occasionally you might need to do so. It is the responsibility of the owners (or where appropriate the persons in control) of the items to ensure they are safe, conform to British Standards, are CE Marked and should be Portable Appliance tested (PAT) certified for electrical safety (if over 12 months old.)

We reserve the right to take appropriate action to make safe any item which is considered not to satisfy those safety standards.


Risk Assessment

The University has a legal duty to make 'suitable and sufficient' assessments of the risks to the health and safety of its employees, students and others arising out of or in connection with the conduct of its undertaking.

At some point in your chosen course of study you may need to take part in the risk assessment process, whether it be for research activities, overseas travel, running an event off-campus, on-campus activities etc. We would ask you to actively engage in this process to make sure that you and others stay safe and well.

Safety, Health & Environment Section Contact Information

The Safety, Health and Environment Department (SHE) is part of Estates Services and we are here to provide quick and easy access to information and advice on all health, safety and environment matters at the University.
You can contact us by: