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Fire Safety

If you discover or suspect a Fire:

  • operate the nearest red fire alarm call point;
  • dial 01772 896333 (internal phone Ext: 333) on your way out of the building or use the green or red telephone you can find at the main entrance and tell the call handler where the fire is.
  • Do not stop to tackle the fire
  • Never risk yours or anyone else's safety


If you hear a Fire Alarm:

  • leave the building by the nearest available exit, closing the doors behind you;
  • don't stop to collect personal belongings;
  • do not use lifts as they can be affected by fire;
  • Go to the assembly point shown on the blue action fire notices displayed in various locations within buildings;
  • Follow any instruction you are given by the fire marshals;
  • do not re-enter the building.

Preparation for Fire Emergencies

Study the blue and white Fire Action Notices in buildings and make sure that you know the designated assembly point outside of the building;

  • A maliciously activated alarm will be treated as if it were genuine and the building evacuated;

Please note: maliciously activating a fire alarm, tampering with a fire extinguisher, smoke detector, etc., are criminal offences and severe action will be taken.


Building evacuation for persons with mobility, hearing or visual impairments

If you tell us that you have an impairment, whether temporary or permanent, that may affect your ability to hear a fire alarm or evacuate the building from above ground floor level rooms without using a lift, you will need an Emergency Evacuation Plan to be completed. The plan explains what action is necessary in the event of the evacuation of the premises from above ground level rooms. Please see your Inclusivity Support advisor for more advice. You can contact a member of the Inclusive Support team by calling 01772 892593, emailing, or visiting The <i> , based on the ground floor of the library.