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Student Car Parking Information and Charges 2020/21

Travel to Campus

The university works closely with local transport providers to provide travel discounts to UCLan staff and students. Our sustainable travel information provides details of the different ways of travelling to UCLan and discounts associated with public transport, cycling, walking, and car sharing.

You can now check out your personal commuting options to UCLan by entering your journey details into the travel planner below.

For more information please email the Sustainable Travel Coordinator

The University has limited parking available to offer to students. To be eligible to apply for a parking permit, one of the following criteria must apply. These criteria apply to students at all UCLan campuses.

Due to the very limited number available, please be aware that meeting the criteria and applying does not guarantee that a permit will be available.
Only students on UCLan administered courses can be considered for a permit.
A UCLan Parking Permit does not entitle the holder to a guaranteed space on Campus. Use of the Car Parks is on a first come, first served basis.

Even if you have applied for a permit in previous years, please read the information carefully before applying.

Parking Permits 
valid 07:00 - 18:00

Qualifying Criteria – students must:

Evidence Required:

1 Be a Blue Badge holder (priority permit will be issued free of charge).

Your application will be forwarded to Student Services for approval. You may be contacted if further information or consultation is required

Live off campus and further than 60 minutes away by public transport. Please verify this via Traveline using UCLan’s postcode PR1 2HE and your home post code Your address and postcode as recorded on the University’s systems will be checked. For continuity we use an arrival time at PR1 2HE of 09:00 for all applications. 
Have child care commitments for dependent children that are under the age of 12 years at the start of the semester. Child's birth certificate, Child Benefit award notice, Child Tax Credits award notice or passport showing the child’s name and date of birth
Have a mobility need, (eligible for a priority permit, payable as per current rates).

Your application will be forwarded to Student Services for approval. You may be contacted if further information or consultation is required

Have a medical condition (eligible for a standard permit, payable as per current rates).

Your application will be forwarded to Student Services for approval. You may be contacted if further information or consultation is required

Course requirements, e.g. placements for health courses Sight of your timetable. Permits will be issued only for the duration of your off campus placement.
7 Genuine cases or hardship resulting from inability to obtain a permit through the above criteria Each application will be considered on a case by case basis, subject to availability.

This information applies in conjunction with the University’s Car Park Regulations, to all who use vehicles and parking facilities on the University Campuses

Holders of standard Permits are not permitted to park in Disabled, Priority, Car Share, Pay & Display or Visitor bays. Please see the University Car Park Regulations 2019/20 for up to date information on restrictions.

Evenings (valid 18:01 – 06:59 Monday to Friday) and Weekends Permits - Free of Charge

Please note: All students are eligible to use the campus car parks during evenings and weekends.

How much does it cost?

The charges for each UCLan campus differ.

Preston Campus Only

Permit Costs

Semester 1
14/9/20 - 15/1/21

Semester 2
18/1/21 - 21/5/21  

 Semester 3
24/5/21 - 27/8/21

 5 Day  FREE  FREE until March*  £99.40
 4 Day  FREE  FREE until March*  £79.52
 3 Day  FREE  FREE until March*  £59.64
 2 Day  FREE  FREE until March*  £39.76
 1 Day  FREE  FREE until March*  £19.88
*Thereafter permits will be charged at the standard daily equivalent rate of £1.51 per day.

Burnley Campus (Victoria Mill (including Sandygate Halls) and Princess Way)

Admin fee (per semester)  £15

Evenings / Weekends are free of charge and do not require a permit to be on display

As some health based courses are variable and do not follow the recognised semester timetable, permits for students on these courses will be charged a daily rate to ensure a fair charging structure. Based on the current rates, the price will be £1.51 per day.
Please note a minimum of 8 days per application is required for this type of permit, students with fewer days on campus each semester are advised to use Pay and Display parking.

How do I apply?

Please complete the online application below and ensure that all fields are completed. Your eligibility will be checked along with your online timetable against the days requested.
Permits are valid for one semester only - a new application must be made for each semester you require a permit.

Your Permit must be displayed in your vehicle immediately and must be clearly visible in your windscreen at all times. Failure to display your permit will result in a Penalty Charge Notice being issued with a charge of £80 payable, reduced to £40 if paid within 14 days.

Appeals Process

Permits are strictly controlled due to the limited space available on campus and are therefore allocated on a first come, first served basis.
An appeal against any of the decisions can be made, in writing, to All decisions on Permit allocation are final.

Car Share Scheme

UCLan operates a car share scheme, which is aimed at reducing solo car commuting to campus. The scheme offers a 50% reduction in Permit costs and dedicated car sharing bays on University car parks when you and up to 2 additional drivers share a permit.
All participants of the Car Share Scheme must be eligible to apply for a permit in their own right to qualify for the discount set out below (i.e. all passengers must use their vehicle to travel to campus). Providing lifts to passengers who would not normally drive to campus or who are not eligible for a permit (as set out above) does not qualify as a Car Share arrangement, as the number of vehicles on campus is not being reduced. Car share Permits are only allowable within the same eligibility criteria.
One car share Permit will be issued per application. If changes to the Permit are required, the old Permit must be returned to The <i> before a new one will be issued.

Preston Campus Only

Car Share Permit costs   

Semester 1
14/9/20 - 15/1/21  

Semester 2
18/1/21 - 21/5/21  

Semester 3
24/5/21 - 27/8/21

 5 Days  FREE  FREE until March*  £49.70
 4 Days  FREE  FREE until March*  £39.76
 3 Days  FREE  FREE until March*  £29.82
 2 Days  FREE  FREE until March*  £19.88
 1 Day  FREE  FREE until March*  £9.94
*Thereafter permits will be charged at the standard daily equivalent rate of £1.51 per day.

Burnley Campuses (Princess Way & Victoria Mill including Sandygate Halls

No car share scheme is in operation.
For more information on Burnley car parks, please visit the Council website.

Evening and Weekends are free of charge.

Payment is to be made online. On receipt of a valid application, you will receive email confirmation with instructions and the link for how to pay and the price of the permit you have selected. Payment must be made within 2 weeks of receipt of the email or your permit will be reallocated to the waiting list.

Pay and Display Car Park Spaces (Preston Campus Only)

Certain bays located on Harrington, car park are designated for short stay use and may be only used with a Pay & Display ticket (Pay and Display parking is also available on Victoria 2 car park). Tickets are available from machines on those car parks at the following rates:

Pay & Display Car Park Charges  

Per Hour (up to 3hrs)  

 Over 4hrs - Up to 14hrs 

 Saturday and Sunday
(per day) 

 Harrington, Victoria 2  £1.00  £4.00  £4.00

Preston Campus refund and replacement policy

All requests for refunds must be made by email.
In the event of extended absence from the University for any reason, the permit must be cancelled at the start of the absence and handed back to The <i>, who will refund any pre-payment due. The University will not be held responsible for any non-cancellations and retrospective refunds will not be provided.
Timetable changes resulting in a request for alterations to an existing parking permit must be made at the earliest opportunity and within 5 days of permit approval. Where possible and in advance these will be accommodated with either a partial refund of the unused portion of the permit, or an extra charge based on the increased number of times the permit will be used.
No refunds or replacement permits will be issued without the prior return of any parking permit to The <i>

Bicycle / Motorcycle Parking

Various areas are provided throughout the University Campus for use by staff and students who travel by bicycle or motorcycle. For details of their location, please see the University Campus Map or consult the Bicycle Users Group (BUG) website.

Location of UCLan Car Parks on the Preston Campus

Numbered on the University Campus Map, we have approximately 20 car parks with up to 1400 spaces on the campus including Fylde Road car park, which has approximately 230 spaces available for use.

The UCLan Travel Plan: Supporting Sustainable and Active Travel

The University Travel Plan aims to reduce the number of solo car journeys to campus by promoting a range of alternative travel options, such as; walking, cycling, using public transport and car sharing. If you would like a free personal travel plan or advice on any of the above, including discounted bus travel, contact The Sustainable Travel Coordinator.
For information and advice on Electric Vehicle Charging on campus, please see out Electric Vehicle Charging Policy