Zainab Bhola

Research student profile

Research degree: PhD programme
Start date: 2022

Research summary

Project title: Individual Differences in Thinking Styles as Moderators of Cues to Deception

Despite its importance in numerous real-world contexts, such as law enforcement, counterterrorism and national security, lie detection is difficult. Research has tried to find accurate and reliable cues to deception, but with limited success.

Traditional approaches to lie detection (i.e., polygraph testing and identification of nonverbal cues) have been shown to be ineffective, even when used by professionals (DePaulo et al., 2003), including those who believe they are adequately trained (Sporer & Schwandt, 2006). In fact, research suggests that experts’ confidence is unrelated to decision accuracy (DePaulo et al., 2003). As such, detecting deception has proven to be difficult, particularly in contexts where it matters most. To progress this field, we need reliable cues to deception and better evidence that indicators are accurate.

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Research Supervisor: Beth Richardson
Student: Zainab Bhola

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