Samuel Charman

Research student profile

Research degree: PhD programme
Start date: 2021
Open Research and Contributor ID (ORCID)0000-0002-8405-8036

Research summary

Project title: Understanding child sexual and criminal exploitation within the context of organised criminal networks: Attending to the motivations and modus operandi of perpetrators

The PhD programme will provide a unique and novel contribution of knowledge on motivations, modus operandi, and risk/protective factors for offenders engaging in group-based exploitation and will establish an understanding on the group dynamics and hierarchies of such groups.

The research will directly contribute to the limited knowledge surrounding organised exploitation offenders’ group-based connections and motivations to remain connected. By examining offender demographics, motivations, and tactics, the study seeks to develop a comprehensive understanding of these networks' dynamics. Through collaboration with field experts and analysis of law enforcement data, the research aims to uncover hidden patterns and behaviours, ultimately informing targeted disruption strategies to protect vulnerable individuals from exploitation.

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Research Supervisor: Michael LewisCarol Ireland
Student: Samuel Charman

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