Daniel Fort

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Research degree: PhD programme
Start date: 2023
Open Research and Contributor ID (ORCID)0009-0005-7020-3000

Research summary

Project title: Voices of veterans: The Transition From Military To Civilian Life.

My journey toward the world of academia began in December 2013, as a result of being medically discharged from the armed forces after serving 16 years as a frontline soldier. Upon discharge, I found myself attempting to navigate a very complex and challenging life transition with no guidance or support from the military. It was a transition I found I was neither adequately prepared for, nor sufficiently equipped to cope with. Inevitably, this lead to a variety of obstacles in the following years. However, I used the obstacles as experience and motivation to further develop myself, to find a new identity and a purpose. The journey thus far has provided an abundance of invaluable lived experience and an intimate knowledge of the transition from military to civilian life.

After working in a variety of roles attempting to find a new identity and career, I rediscovered the world of education after a 20 year hiatus, and enrolled on the Psychology with Psychotherapy and Counselling undergraduate degree course with the University of Central Lancashire, at the Burnley campus in September 2019. Despite an incredibly steep learning curve (and a pandemic), with a lot of determination and the guidance of exceptional tutors, I graduated with honours in June 2022. Which, for a person who left school with no formal qualifications, was an enormous achievement. Upon graduation, based on the findings of my undergraduate study and a suggestion to take the research further, the decision to continue studying was made. A few short months later, in January 2023 I was accepted onto the postgraduate research program, and the PhD project was born. The project combines lived experience with relevant transition theory and evidence, in order to address gaps in research and make a significant contribution to knowledge.

Relevant transitional theory and research illustrates a number of overarching similarities and concepts to MCT. Key concepts identified as having a significant influence over the transition are cited as preparation, support, coping and identity. Therefore, the project aims to further our knowledge and understanding of the subject by investigating such concepts in relation to the transitional experiences of UK veterans. More specifically, the project investigates psychological preparation to leave the forces, and explores 'successful' transitions in-depth, using a mixed methodological approach. The overall purpose of the project is to utilise the findings to produce a 'successful transition' model, and propose amendments to current military discharge policies in order to reduce the current volume of veterans in crisis, and increase successful transitions for future veterans.

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