Dr Tatiana Gaines

Dr. Tatiana Gaines

Lecturer of Medical Sciences

School of Medicine

Samuel Lindow Building, Westlakes Science and Technology Park, 103

+44(0)1946 517228


Subject Areas: Biosciences, Health, Chemistry

I am an OBGYN physician who trained and practiced medicine for more than 14 years in my native Ukraine. Since moving to the US in 2005, I have worked with not-for-profit woman’s health clinics, NGOs dedicated to advancing women’s reproductive health issues, and published research in this area of practice. In 2008, I was elected an Associate Member of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. I am an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Health and Sciences at a prominent mid-Atlantic university, teaching courses in medical topics at the Graduate and Undergraduate level.  In 2015 I completed a Master’s Degree in Public Health with Global Health Certificate from UMass Amherst. I’ve been a member of the Medical School team at UCLan since May 2017, teaching in Physician Associate and the BSc (Hons) Medical Sciences Foundation Programmes.

Full Profile

Dr Gaines is a Ukrainian-born US citizen living in Cumbria with her husband, during his assignment at Sellafield Site.  She enjoys working with intelligent young people, and glad to be part of the professional teaching team at UCLan. Before arriving in the UK, she was a practicing physician in Ukraine for 14 years. She has five years of experience of teaching different topics in health and science at associate, undergraduate and graduate levels, in the classroom and online. She loves teaching and is passionate about student success at all levels. Medical school, residency and clinical practice in Ukraine, clinical experience, publications, and continuing medical education in the US, and recent completion of an online Master of Public Health degree with Global Health Certificate from University of Massachusetts were qualifying credentials for her current teaching position.

Having lived and worked in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and America, travelled throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia, and now living in the UK for the past five and one-half years, Dr Gaines is aware and has empathy for the challenges international students will face adapting to a new environment while pursuing their studies in Cumbria. Most of her current online students have either recently immigrated to the US, or are retired military with service in theatre. Widely varying educational preparation, culture and language, life experience, and expectations for their own adult learning are a continuous challenge and source of personal satisfaction. Flexibility to tailor the program to their unique educational needs has helped Dr Gaines and the institutions which employ her be successful.

She has a strong background in math and science, and relevant experience and skills commensurate with requirements in the UCLan Person Specification. She is proficient in ‘Moodle’ and ‘Blackboard’ online community (rather than simply a “filing cabinet”) and has used the Virtual Learning Environment for both synchronous and asynchronous teaching.

Qualifications and Experience
  • Lecturer in Medical Sciences at UCLan since May 2017
  • Adjunct Professor at Stratford University since 2011
  • Four years US clinical experience
  • Practicum at NAF  (Washington, 2014)
  • Global Health Certified (UMASS Amherst, 2015)
  • MPH (UMASS Amherst, 2015)
  • ECFMG Certified (2007)
  • Certificate of Course Completion in Global Health ( 2016)
  • M.D.,Dnepropetrovsk State Medical Academy, Ukraine (1988);
  • Internal Medicine Certification (1989);
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology Certification (1992)

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Simon, JA, Gaines, TN, LaGuardia, K. " Extended-release oxybutynin therapy for vasomotor symptoms in women: a randomized clinical trial ". Published by Menopause - The Journal of The North American Menopause Society (November, 2016, 23(11):1214-1221).

Simon, JA, Nahun, GG, Gaines, TN, Stanislaw, H. “A Personal Perspective: Breast Cancer “Plunge” After Initial Publication of the WHI Results: An Alternative Explanation”. Published by Elsevier in PubMed (MEDLINE) and Maturitas (July, 2010).


  • GHDonline member since June 2015
  • Devex International Development member since January 2016
  • Member of National Family Planning &Reproductive Health Association since January 2016
  • Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Dnepropetrovsk Region, Ukraine (1990-2004)
  • Associate Member, American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (2008-2012)

TEACHING activities and responsibilities

Teaching activities and responsibility include developing and delivering teaching, assessment and evaluation across all programmes delivered at Westlakes Campus including the PGDip Physician Associate Programme and the BSc (Hons) Medical Sciences Foundation Programme. To take day to day responsibility for the organisation and co-ordination of designated modules within the BSc (Hons) Medical Sciences Foundation Entry programmes and PGDip Physician Associate Programme.  Fulfil the roles of Academic Advisor and Student Selected Component tutor. Provide innovative, motivating, highly effective experiences for all students.

External Affiliations and Roles

Adjunct Professor teaching healthcare administration topics for bachelor and master degree online at Stratford University USA.