Susan Anderson

Susan Anderson

Senior Lecturer

School of Sport and Health Sciences

Brook Building, BB345

+44 (0) 1772 89 3659

Subject Areas: Nursing

Susan has a clinical background in rehabilitation and acute adult medical nursing and specialised both neurological, gastro and older people nursing.

Full Profile

Susan held posts in acute and rehabilitation departments in several parts of the UK. Part of her career was spent working as a research nurse working for a vascular surgeon and in the private sector. At present she is responsible for the module leadership of NU 1509/2509 Issues and

Concepts in Nursing the Adult.

Additionally Susan teaches in a variety of pre registration adult branch and post registration modules.

She is also the Deputy Course leader for the DIP HE Pre registration Adult Nursing Course.

Susan's present scholarly activity is looking at the students perceptions of Basic Life Support. With this in mind she is undertaking a Master Dissertation around Basic Life Support training. Her clinical links responsibilities are in the Wrightington Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust.