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Prof. Jim Richards

Professor in Biomechanics

School of Health Sciences

Brook Building, BB118

+44 (0) 1772 89 4575

Jim Richards was appointed Professor in Biomechanics in the Department of Allied Health Professions Unit at the University of Central Lancashire in 2004.

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Professor Richards' research includes much work on clinical application of biomechanics, the development of new assessment tools for chronic disease, conservative and surgical management of orthopaedic and neurological conditions, and development of evidence based approaches for improving clinical management and rehabilitation. The focus of Professor Richards' work is to encourage inter-professional research and to develop direct parallels with research to the ‘real world’ of allied health work.

Professor Richards has authored many research papers and has contributed to a number of text books, including Functional Biomechanics in Clinic and Research (2008) and Tidy’s Physiotherapy (2003 and 2008), the 10th edition of Mercer’s Orthopaedic Surgery (2012) and is editor of the 5th edition of Whittle’s Gait Analysis.

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Jones R., Nester C., Richards, J., Kim, W., Johnson, D., Jari, S., Laxton, P. and Tyson, S (2013). A comparison of the biomechanical effects of valgus knee braces and lateral wedged insoles in patients with knee osteoarthritis. Gait Posture; 37(3), 368 – 372.

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Areas of Interest

  • Clinical application of biomechanics
  • The development of new assessment tools for chronic disease
  • Conservative and surgical management of orthopaedic and neurological conditions
  • The development of evidence based approaches for improving clinical management and rehabilitation



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