Dr. Noreen Caswell

Dr. Noreen Caswell


School of Psychology

+44 (0) 1772 89 4457


Noreen is research active within the area of psychology and is a member of the Health Psychology Research Group.


Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (ILTHE). Membership application (ongoing).


Caswell, N. & Manning, J.T. (2006) Self-reported Direct Measurements of the Fingers Yield Higher Digit Ratios (2D:4D) than Experimenter-measured Photocopied Fingers (in Press: Arch Sex Behaviour).

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  • BSc (Hons) Applied Psychology (First Class) University of Central Lancashire.
  • MSc Health Psychology University of Central Lancashire including PGCert in Advanced Statistics and Methods in Psychology – Distinction.
  • PhD University of Central Lancashire (A Laboratory Investigation of Stress-Induced Eating Behaviour). Funded by UCLan Bursary.
  • PGCert in Research Student Supervision, UCLan (ongoing).
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA).
  • Registered as a Health Psychologist (HCPC).


Noreen's main field of research is disordered eating behaviour in both clinical and non-clinical male and female populations i.e. anorexia and bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, night eating syndrome, body dysmorphic disorder, obesity, restrained eaters, muscle dysmorphia. She is particularly interested in how the experience of ‘stress’ or negative emotions can lead to or exacerbate disordered eating attitudes and behaviours in vulnerable individuals. She is also a psychophysiologist. This essentially means that Noreen often collects and analyses measures of both physiological e.g. heart rate, blood pressure, gastrointestinal motility and biological ie. neurochemicals such as cortisol reactivity, mostly in response to stress.

In addition, in collaboration with Professor John T Manning, Noreen is also investigating the correlation between digit ratio [the ratio of the lengths of the second (“index”) finger and fourth (“ring”) finger (2D:4D) - used as an index of exposure to pre-natal sex-hormones] and various psychological and physiological traits. For example, psychiatric disorders (eg anorexia and bulimia nervosa), sporting ability (eg endurance running), and cognitions (eg self-perceived attractiveness and academic ability).

Noreen also works in collaboration with one of our associate professors (James W Pennebaker of the University of Texas), she is currently investigating the (psychophysiological, cognitive and behavioural) effects of emotional disclosure in disordered eating populations.

Research Area

Health psychology


Noreen is Course Leader for the BSc (Hons) Health Psychology course. Noreen is also the International Lead for Psychology – currently responsible for delivery in Athens and Cyprus. Noreen is also module leader for PS2030 (Cognitive and Physiological Psychology), PS3040 (Health Psychology: Theory and Practice), PS4325 (Measurement Issues and Outcomes in Health Psychology). She is also involved in teaching on the following modules:

  • PS1010 Methods and Practice of Psychological Inquiry
  • PS1020 Introduction to Developmental and Social Psychology
  • PS1030 Introduction to Psychobiology and Cognition
  • PS1040 Current Topics in Psychology I
  • PS1045 Current Topics in Psychology II
  • PS1610 An Introduction to Evolutionary Psychology
  • PS1630 Topics in Forensic and Criminal Psychology
  • PS1640 Psychology of the Media
  • PS1690 Mind Games: Topics in Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • PS2010 Psychological Research 1: Design and Quantitative Methods
  • PS2015 Psychological Research 2: Qualitative Methods
  • PS2020 Social and Developmental Psychology
  • PS2030 Cognitive and Physiological Psychology
  • PS2040 Individual Differences
  • PS2350 Health Psychology

PLUS one from the following:

  • PS2650 Applying Psychology
  • PS2800 Forensic Psychology
  • PS2850 Topics and Techniques in Neuroscience
  • PS2900 Sport Psychology
  • PS3940 Health Psychology Project
  • PS3040 Health Psychology: Theory and Practice
  • PS3045 Health Promotion
  • PS3050 Applying Psychology to the Educational Setting
  • PS3060 Interpersonal and Organisational Psychology
  • PS3070 Psychology Placement Module


  • PS3010 Violent and Sexual Offending
  • PS3015 Crime: Impacts and Consequences
  • EITHER PS3020 Neuropsychological Disorders and Techniques
  • PS3025 Brain, Treatments and Behaviour
  • EITHER PS3030 Theory & Practice in Sport Psychology
  • PS3035 Psychology of Diet & Exercise

Noreen is also:

  • Project supervisor for Year 3, PG Dip and MSc students
  • Personal tutor for Year 1, 2, 3 undergraduate students, and postgraduate students.