Dr. Nicola Jones

Research Associate in Fire Toxicity

School of Physical Sciences and Computing

JB Firth Building, JBF101

+44 (0) 1772 89 5154


Subject Areas: Engineering, Chemistry, Energy and Sustainability, Fire

Full Profile

Dr. Nicola Jones joined the Centre for Fire and Hazards Science in 2015 and is currently a Research Associate in fire toxicity. Her research interests include smoke toxicity, plastics pyrolysis, recycling, and sustainable construction. Most recently she has carried out smoke toxicity research on both a small and large scale, of a variety of materials under different fire conditions. Nicola also has experience of portable sampling from large scale burns at specialised facilities.

  • PhD: ‘Pyrolysis of composite plastic waste’, Department of Fuel and Energy, University of Leeds, 2003.
  • BSc (Hons): Environmental Energy, 2.1, Department of Fuel and Energy, University of Leeds, 1999
  • PGCE: Secondary Chemistry. Manchester Metropolitan University, 2014.
Research Groups
  • Centre for Fire and Hazards Science
Teaching activities and responsibilities
  • FZ 3025 Advanced concepts in chemistry – polymer chemistry


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