Nasir Hameed

Dr. Nasir Hameed

Senior Lecturer, Imaging (Ultrasound)

School of Medicine

Harrington Building, HA314

+44 (0) 1772 89 4938

Dr Hameed is working at the school of Medicine, University of Central Lancashire as Senior Lecturer in Imaging (Ultrasound). He has vast experience of teaching medical ultrasound internationally. He has also presented many research papers at various international conferences including BMUS (UK), Leading Edge (USA) and AIUM (USA). At UCLan he is responsible to lead in the areas of development, management and delivery of various ultrasound courses at the school of medicine. He will undertake specific course leader responsibilities in ultrasound related programmes including post graduate certificate, PG Diploma and Masters in Diagnostic ultrasound. He will also undertake research and knowledge transfer through scholarly activities.

Full Profile

Dr. Hameed started his career in radiology in 1994 by joining Radiology Department, post Graduate Medical Institute, Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar as Medical officer and then served as M. Phil Radiology trainee from January 1996 to December 1997.

After completing his training in Radiology, he decided to take ultrasound as career, and started "Hameed Gul Memorial Ultrasound Institute" in Peshawar Pakistan. In 2003 he went to USA for a visiting fellowship in ultrasound at Jefferson Ultrasound Research and Education, Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

After fellowship, he was included in the faculty of JUREI's Middle East Branch to teach the trainers in ultrasound. During this time, he was engaged in extensive training programs for doctors in various countries and visited Bangladesh, Georgia, Iran, Switzerland, Sudan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, USA and Yemen to provide ultrasound training in various Ultrasound courses, Diplomas and Masters programmes.

In February 2005, he migrated to UK and joined Radiology Department UHL NHS Trust Leicester UK as SNR1 Ultrasound practitioner along with the extended role of Lecturer (Hon) at the imaging Academy. As the Lecturer at Imaging Academy, he conducted various courses for the ultrasound training of the A & E consultants and SPRs specially training them for FAST and PoCUS scans.

He completed his PhD in medical diagnostic ultrasound from 2013 to 2016. After PhD, he worked as Associate Professor In “Radiological Sciences & Medical Imaging Technology Department” Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, at the University of Lahore from 2017 -2018.


  • MBBS , University of Peshawar, Pakistan 1982 - 1987
  • M. Phil Diagnostic Radiology Training PGMI, LRH, Peshawar. 1996 - 1997
  • Visiting Fellowship in Ultrasound, Jefferson Ultrasound Research and Education Institute, Philadelphia, PA, USA 2003
  • PhD in Diagnostic Ultrasound, University of Lahore, Pakistan. 2013 - 2016


Hameed, Nasir. (2005). Role of sis in differentiating various causes of endometrial thickening 50th annual conference AIUM USA 2005.

Gilani, Syed & Hameed, Nasir. (2005). Different ultrasound appearances of hydatid cyst.. Ultrasound. Vol:13. 01.

Hameed, Nasir & Gilani, Syed & Gilani, Aima. (2011). Ultrasound screening for breast pathology in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia International Journal of Medical Diagnostic Ultrasound (IJMDU) 2218-4139. 1.

Hameed, Nasir. (2006). Ultrasonography of hepatic hydatid cysts; various ultrasound presentations. BMUS Manchester 2006.

Teaching activities

  • Make a major contribution to achieving the academic objectives of the School of Medicine through teaching, scholarly activity and knowledge transfer activities.
  • Provide programme leadership for Imaging related programmes undertaking strategic development and course management responsibilities for the co-ordination of development and delivery of these programmes.
  • Take overall responsibility for managing delivery of the imaging (ultrasound) related content in the school’s diverse degree provision (undergraduate and post graduate),
  • Deliver teaching at all levels of the academic programmes in the School including Masters programmes.
  • Lead in the development of imaging programme curriculum in collaboration with course teams to implement best practice and innovative ideas with the goal of creating a sustainable and valued programme.
  • Lead on collaborative engagement with the staff delivering programmes.


  • To take responsibility to ensure quality assurance and quality enhancements are met through effective academic administration and engagement in core school management groups.
  • To work effectively as part of a team providing support for module leaders and collaborative providers.
  • To fulfil the role of academic advisor to designated students across the school.
  • To contribute to scholarship and help facilitate research linked to research interests in the school of Medicine that advance the discipline or disseminates good practice. To engage in commercial /income-generating/ CPD activity.
  • Attend events on behalf of the University, in order to promote the University and its courses.
  • To take a proactive approach to personal academic development to ensure you remain up-to-date in the latest developments of learning, assessment and evaluation.


  • Alive intestinal & Biliary Tract Ascariasis: One day ultrasound Seminar organized by Ultrasound society of Pakistan in July 2001 at Islamabad, PAKISTAN
  • 11-14 Week Fetal Screening: One day seminar on Advances in Ultrasound. Al-Zaiem Al-Azhari University. 12th Jan.2003,Khartoum,Sudan.
  • Saline Infusion Sonohysterography: 23rd Leading Edge ultrasound seminar organized by Jefferson Ultrasound Research & Training Institute USA in May 2003 at Philadelphia USA.
  • Head to toe survey for Fetal Anomalies: Presentation at Radiology department of Chelsea & Westminster hospital, London,U.K on 2nd December 2004.
  • Various ultrasound presentations of Hydatid Liver Disease: 50th Annual conference of the AIUM at Disney land Florida USA.
  • Interesting cases of biliary and intestinal ascariasis: 3days Seminar for M.Sc and PhD ultrasound students arranged by Sudan University of Science and Technology at Ishbelia Health Institute Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in August 2005.