Michael Brightman

Michael Brightman

Associate Lecturer

Lancashire School of Business and Enterprise

Greenbank Building, GR264

+44 (0) 1772 89 4550

An award-winning general manager with over 20 years business experience, Michael combines his practical work experiences with economic and management theory to introduce real-life examples into his teaching of economics and business. His main research interest, the Economics of Built Heritage, forms the basis for his PhD study.

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Michael teaches on a range of modules in economics and business and utilises, where appropriate, the latest technologies in order to enhance the student experience including:

Poll Everywhere (audience participation web or text messaging) for practising multiple choice exam questions and

Training in the use of data visualisation software, Tableau. Michael's use of Tableau in the classroom was highlighted in technology magazine, Information Week.

In terms of current research, Michael's main interest is the Economics of Built Heritage, a niche study area for which there is a paucity of literature, a situation that he intends to change.


BSc (Hons) Economics


Brightman, M. (2013), ‘The Function of Government in times of Economic Crisis’, Diffusion, 5 (2).

Brightman, M. (2012), 'Is the Conservation of the United Kingdom's Built Heritage Sustainable?', Reinvention: a Journal of Undergraduate Research, British Conference of Undergraduate Research 2012 Special Issue.

Brightman, M. (2012), ‘Is the Conservation of the United Kingdom’s Built Heritage Sustainable?’ Paper presented at BCUR, Warwick UK.


The Economics of Built Heritage

Temperance Economics (the economic arguments used by 19th Century temperance societies)

Online business models and revenue streams

Data Visualisation and Tableau Software


Module Leader:

BU3018 - Current Issues in Business

MD4050 - Management Environment

Module Tutor:

EC1002 - Introduction to Economics

EC1401 - Introduction to Business Economics and Finance

BU3016 - Contemporary Issues in Business