Matthew Rees

Clinical Skills Tutor

School of Sport and Health Sciences

Greenbank Building, GR209

Subject Areas: Health

Matt was appointed as the Clinical Skills Tutor within the paramedic practice team at UCLan in December 2016 after working with NWAS in emergency care for 11 years, he is passionate about pre hospital care and is still a practicing Paramedic and brings current emergency practice to his teaching. He is a member of the NHS North West Simulation Education Network and is working with them to increase the simulation experience for the students.

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Matt started his career within the health service in 2002 gaining employment as a health care assistant within the Pennine Acute NHS Trust, he quickly participated in the internal training process to enhance his clinical practice gaining increased responsibilities. After 3 years he joined Greater Manchester Ambulance Service working on the Intermediate Care Ambulance, he quickly qualified as a technician and went on to become a paramedic after gaining his DipHe Paramedic Practice qualification at the University of Central Lancashire. This time at university started an interest in education and after qualification, Matt offered the Paramedic Practice team his services on an ad hoc basis which he did until the opportunity to work full time UCLan became available.

Matt is a member of the NHS North West Simulation Education Network and using his experience gained at the various training events aims to deliver evidence based learning events within the course that have clearly identified and suitable outcomes especially where these demonstrate an improvement in patient safety and patient experience.

He still has passion about Pre hospital care and works Rapid Response Vehicle and Emergency Ambulance Shifts for North West Ambulance Service based out of Lancaster.

  •  DipHE Paramedic Practice, University of Central Lancashire, 2014
  • Health Care Professions Council
  • College of Paramedics
  • UCU
  • NHS North West Simulation Education Network

Teaching Activities and Responsibilities

Delivery of Clinical Skills Teaching with a focus on pre-registration paramedics. Advanced intervention for adult and paediatric patients. Assessment and management of medical trauma and mental health conditions. Pharmacology pharmodynamics and pharmokinetics. Ethics and professional engagement. Trauma pregnancy and birth.

He is also involved with marking assessed work and supporting students in and out of the university setting.